How to Write an Outline for an Essay

When the question is about writing an outline for an essay, the best way to demonstrate it is considering an example of five-paragraph essay. The point is that this type of writing is a standard form for the academic writing projects. It is used in order to make students learn to properly use the information and express their understanding of the fundamental writing skills.

To accomplish good essay one should make a good outline. Usually, students fail, when they are required to make one. They have no idea how a professionally written essay should be organized. But in fact, writing proper essay outline takes only several simple steps.

  • Step 1. At first it is recommended to choose the type of outline you want to make. Students make different kinds of outlines but the formal style requires Roman Numerals.
  • Step 2. Pay a lot of attention to the topic of your essay. It is highly important for you to understand the main aspects of the chosen/assigned topic: its main idea and meaning. Make sure you are aware of main aspects of the concept you’re going to work on. If it is allowed, you can choose your topic yourself, which will make the situation easier.
  • Step 3. The third step is writing proper and correct thesis statement. You should disclose the information given in the topic and write them down in main statements using your own words.
  • Step 4. When you’re considering some vital problem in your essay, it is important to express your own opinion. Take some position and write down the main points to be used with the aim to defend it. Write down your arguments in proper and strict succession.
  • Step 5. Pay attention to the way the paragraphs are going from one to another. The information should appear from the most significant to the least important one. Evidence is an essential part to support every expressed idea.
  • Step 6. Consider the proper conclusion. Note that it should differ from the introduction part and reaffirm the main points of the subtopic.

If you follow these steps, you will get an efficient outline, which will help you to write the necessary essay without any significant problems.

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