How to Write an Expository Essay

To my mind, an expository essay is one of the simplest and the most uncomplicated tasks you will ever encounter in your studying process. Its aim is just to describe something or to explain a specific topic in depth to the readers with the help of factual information.

There are such types of expository essays:

  • Essays that describe a definite process.
  • Essays that describe certain historical events.
  • Essays that analyze some ideas or written works, events or situations.
  • Essays that explain how to do something, etc.

Everything you need is just to understand your topic clearly and present it to the readers in a logical manner.

Most commonly the structure of an expository essay includes five paragraphs. The first paragraph is the introduction. Keep in mind that it’s better to include your thesis statement into the lead-in section. The next three main body paragraphs develop different points to support the main idea. They also provide some facts and vivid examples. The last paragraph is the conclusion, which binds main paragraphs together and sums the essay up.

Here are some instructions, which will help you to cope with the task.

First of all, you need to make a research as you’ll require a lot of supportive facts. Use as many sources as possible: various reference books, the Internet, interviews with scientists and experts. Look for unique information and little-known facts. Do not be lazy to check this information, especially the one from the Internet.

Then develop a plan. Try to structure all the facts you have found into a logical plan. Each paragraph should flow from the previous one in a logical way. Make sure that all the paragraphs contain only one point and are fully documented.

After that you need to compose the body of your essay according to the developed plan. Don't make your words sound emotional. Your arguments should be objective, clear and factual. Your essay should present definite facts, rather than your opinion. Since the content is factual, you need to write an essay in the third person only (don’t use "I" or "you").

Sum up all the information provided in your essay with a substantial and solid conclusion. Expository essays are, in the majority of cases, informational rather than responsive, so the conclusion should also comply with the style.

At the end I usually give such a piece of advice: read you essay the next day! You’ll certainly find something you will change or add, make a spell check in some time as well and you’ll see some misprints. So, do not hurry up to finish your work as soon as possible, but instead try to polish it to perfection.

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