How to Write Compare and Contrast Essay

To generate qualified content for compare and contrast essays is not as hard as you may think. All you have to know are these 5 simple tips. Together with us you will learn very fast how to create good compare and contrast essays.

First of all, decide what you’re going to write about, i.e. – pick the topic. Then you have to make a decision concerning ideas, objects and items you want to compare in your essay. Once the decision on your topic is ready, you can proceed to the tip 2.

Build an organizer graphic. It is essential for every compare and contrast essay. You can make up a diagram, which will show what items are different and what items are similar.

Make an essay outline. Just like all the other essays, this one also needs outline. The typical outline should consist of such basic details:

  • Paragraph 1: Make an introduction part, in which you have to introduce your topic and affirm your thesis.
  • Paragraph 2: This paragraph contains the first item you write about. Write the topic sentences and provide some additional features.
  • Paragraph 3: This part of compare and contrast essay contains information concerning the 2nd item you write about. Don’t forget a topic sentence and include additional details.
  • Paragraph 4: This paragraph is the main distinctive feature from the rest. Here you have to decide if you’re going to focus on compare or contrast essay. Work on the feature you have chosen in this paragraph. Don’t forget supporting details.
  • Paragraph 5: Conclusion part. Wrap up what you have already said.

Build up an outline. Write every part of the compare and contrast essay. Don’t forget to edit it by checking grammar, punctuation and spelling errors.

Remember, this type of essays must have similar organization to the other types of essays, and it is highly important to logically move from one paragraph to the other in order to bring sense in what you’re writing.

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