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Some College Essay Tips:

  • How to start a college essay: the admissions’ officer isn’t likely to spend more than a couple of minutes on reading your essay. It means that you should pay most attention to writing several first sentences, as they will probably be the only ones the committee will read.
  • How to write a good college essay: don’t write what you are expected to write. No cliched phrases, commonplace reasoning and so on. Admissions committee reads hundreds of essays and must have seen all of these hundreds of times before.
  • How to write a great college essay: be specific, avoid generalizations. If you have interesting and vivid facts and examples to describe – do it, and do it colorfully.

Some students who think they know how to write college essays, for some mysterious reasons consider that unusual, complicated or scientific words will produce good impression on the committee. Nothing can be further from the truth – if you use too much of such lexis, you will be ridiculous.

Writing a College Essay Tips:

  • One of the first tips for writing a college essay you should learn is to be as brief as it is possible. There is nothing unique about you – at least from the point of view of the admissions committee. If you write 200 words, they will be read more attentively than 2000.
  • Don’t neglect the proofreading – there is nothing that ruins the impression more than a grammar mistake in the middle of a most meaningful phrase.
  • How to end a college essay – the ending is your last possibility to impress the reader, if he reads this far. Don’t summarize the text – your essay will be rather short in itself. Give some additional striking detail, broaden the context suddenly, add a picturesque quote – do anything to make the conclusion memorable.

If, however, you don’t consider these tips on writing college essays to be sufficient or doubt your skills, you are free to address us for further assistance. Our specialists are able to compose an excellent college admission essay based on your personality.

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