How to Write a College Application Essay?

College Application Essay Tips

  • The one who wants to learn how to write college application essay should know that in the text he is supposed to concentrate on his qualities rather than doings. The committee is mostly interested in your personal characteristics rather than in your school achievements.
  • If you know exactly what your strong and weak points are – good. If not, ask people who know you well – what would they mention before everything else?
  • Concentrate on your strengths, avoid mentioning weaknesses.

The actual things you have done should be mentioned as well, but not be the central point of the narration – they should serve as proofs of what you said about your qualities. After you finish writing, don’t revise it – wait for at least several days – then you will be able to look at the text in a completely different way and see what you have omitted earlier.

How to Write a Winning College Application Essay

  • College application essay writing tips should include enumeration of general types of essays. Here it is.
  • Normal essay is for the ones who don’t like experiments. Take several important points from your personality and dwell on them.
  • Narration – is for the most creative students, for it requires you to remember an interesting and characteristic event in your life and give a narrative of it, which would describe your personality better than any description.
  • Concentrated essay – if there is something really interesting in your life, you may center your attention on this single side of yourself.

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