Tips on How to Write a Book Review

Book Review Writing Tips for Students

  • The first of the book review tips you expect to hear is probably “Read the book in question”. You are, actually, incorrect. If all the reviewers read the books they review, they wouldn’t be reviewing a dozen of them a week as they usually do; in fact, they would hardly do anything at all.
  • But, of course, if you have time and wish to do so, read the book in question – your writing will only benefit from it. If it is not the case, it will be enough to look the text through or, in extreme cases, to read the plot synopsis, which is usually available on the Internet.

Keep in mind that a review is the analysis of the book, not a summary of a plot (though it may be present in a really, really concise form if it is necessary). You should give your opinion, present an argument, reveal the author’s idea and the ways of transferring it and comment on it, starting a kind of dialogue with the author.

A Few More Tips on How to Write Book Reviews

  • It is mostly useless to give advice on how to write book review, for, like in most cases of creating writing, there is no right way to do it. Everybody, at least every professional has his or her own way of doing it. We can only tell you some general points.
  • Take the book in context: who is the author, when it was written, why and so on.
  • Other things to be dwelled on: style, author’s point of view, your impression, intended audience.

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