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What Is Reaction Papers Writing?

A reaction paper is a paper which is presented giving your views on the particular ideas depicted in the movies or in books. They require more involvement as compared to typical school or college reports, as you have to analyze the events of the movie or book more closely, and explain what you liked or disliked about those events. It is also important to express how you relate to the events in the movie or book and how you may want to change them if you don't find them to your taste.

How to Write a Reaction Paper

The main motive of a reaction paper is to make you analyze the events from a given source, get a good understanding of what the events are about, and then express your views related to those events. If you look forward to writing reaction paper perfectly, it is good to follow a certain format, although the teacher may not prescribe one for you. The body of a well-written reaction paper generally contains 4-5 pages of text containing sections such as the summary of the events, a critical analysis of the events, how the author or director develops these events, your reaction to the events, and how you relate to those events in your life. These sections are described in greater details below.


The first thing you have to do is go through the section of the book or movie on which you have to write the reaction paper. Once you have gone through the content, you must summarize the events that took place in that section, without leaving out any important details. If any part was unclear to you, and you did not understand it well, it is important to go through the content one more time or as many times as necessary till you are clear about the events. Then, you must write down the summary in a clear and concise way.

After the summarizing, the one writing reaction papers must analyze the events of the scenes. The writer must express what led to the sequence of events. A logical build-up of the events is an important part of writing reaction papers.

Writing Reaction Paper in a Logical Way

Another important part of writing reaction papers is expressing how well the director or author pushed the story forward and how well he/she was able to keep the audience or the readers involved with the story.

Writing Reaction Paper as Your Reaction to the Events

After expressing how the story moves forward, it's time for the main purpose of writing reaction papers. Once you have written about the logical sequence of the events and how the story moves forward, it's time to express your views on the event. You must write objectively. It is not important or necessary to write only positive or negative things about the scenes or events. You must write positively about the parts you liked and you're free to criticize the parts which you feel could've been better. It all depends on how you respond or react to the events.

Relating Events in Reaction Papers Writing

The last part of a reaction paper is mentioning which parts of the scene or events you could relate to with your life and how the events might have influenced you to change some bad habits of your life or maybe be grateful for the good habits.

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