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Nature Is Our Friend

Since ancient time people and nature were closely interrelated, primitive people were totally dependent on the environment. Without total understanding of the essence of occurring natural phenomena people considered them to be gods and some sacred beings. For example, fire, water, earth, trees, air, lightning and thunder were believed to be deities.

As time passed by human beings not only won their place among other tribes, but also tried to subordinate the nature.

The question of interaction with the environment is relevant today as well. Having proclaimed ourselves kings over all living beings, we completely forget that we are a part of nature, the crown of its creations. We continue to behave very aggressively towards nature instead of being grateful.

Global Warming – Pressing Issue!

Is global warming a real threat? Try to print this question in Yahoo! or in Google and you will get millions of resulting links – each of them containing far too different opinions. While some people say that global warming is the most menacing process mankind has ever faced, the other suggest that it is a global hysteria but not global warming, which threatens modern society. But can we find out the truth?

To begin with, it is worth saying that more then one-third of all people in the world know about global warming next to nothing. People who live in developing countries know less while those from developed ones know more. But to be aware of a process is not necessarily the same as to believe that this process is really in action. For example, most residents in Latin America believe that human activities have an effect on climate changes.

Environment: Are we Facing an Unavoidable End of the World?

At present mass media bombards us with reports and articles about the miserable state of the environment all over the world. They constantly warn us that we should find a way to lessen the harmful effects of the human activity; otherwise our planet will turn into an unsuitable place to live on. So is there anything we can do to prevent the disaster?

Industry is in charge for most environmental problems, as the owners of plants and factories usually economize on the purifying systems or safety measures. As a result, poisonous waste is released into atmosphere or into water. The only possible solution is for us to put pressure on the government to make safety requirements stricter and increase fines for those who break the law. We should make it unfavourable for business people to ignore ecological demands.

Computer: A Friend or an Enemy in Disguise?

Have you ever been to the office that was virtually buried under stacks of papers? If you think it is ridiculous, then you must be a child of the 21st century, where almost everything is getting computerised. While some people praise computers to the skies for simplifying working processes, others are trying to open our eyes to the hazardous effects this technology has on our society.

On the one hand, it is undeniable that computers are beneficial to us. They are indispensable when it comes to storing large amounts of information and executing complicated calculations in a matter of minutes. For instance, your hard disk can contain a whole library in the electronic format and you can access any book within a few seconds. Moreover, there is a wide range of PC programs that representatives of various professions frequently use while dealing with mundane tasks so that to save time and efforts.

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