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An Essay on the Nature and Significance of Economic Science

It was a long time ago when people did not face economic relationships. Even at the point of time when people did not know about the possibility to control relationships by monetary regulations and did not realize that food production and exchange in the form it used to be back centuries and centuries ago will be now called economic relationships and market, they still were involved in some sort of business relationships. These relationships kept building and structuring with the growth of population and diversification of production on geographical level. The growth and development required more structure and organization and laid foundation to something that we call today economic science.

Essay on Architecture

I used to pass by State Architecture University every morning on the way to my office and one of the interesting observations that built up on some of my beliefs about architecture and those who are involved in this sphere is the fact that all the students were very different in their style, manners and logic. It was really interesting to observe the crowd next to the main entrance to the university, as all people were unique and everything spoke about their own character, clothes, way of speaking and pace of life. Maybe I was just charmed or looking for something more than the others and many people may disagree with me and claim that architecture as a speciality does not affect personalities. I, however, believe that architecture is a different way of seeing life.

Cloning Essay

When I was studying at school, which was not that long time ago, my teacher came to the class and announced the topic that was not in the general program of the school curriculum and he wrote on the blackboard: “Cloning”. It was a new and strange word that immediately created a chain of mysteries in my mind. At the end of the class we were looking at the teacher with the mixture of doubt and curiosity and further discussed the fact that scientists started to experiment with non-live objects to understand the nature and ability to produce genetically similar or identical elements through cloning.

Who could believe that even in this respect science will go that far and, what is even more impressive, that fast? Today we read and talk about human cloning and even discuss ethical and moral components of it. Everyone knows the story of the sheep Dolly that laid foundation for ethical discussions around cloning. We do not learn simply about cloning, but about types of cloning, such reproduction cloning, therapeutic cloning and recombinant DNA.

Global Warming Speech

How many times during the last year have we heard about global warming? How many other topics have received this amount of attention and TV time? How many works have been published that are dedicated to various aspects of this problem? And the answer is “a lot”! These discussions create controversial feedback, varying from fear, annoyance and ignorance to interest and curiosity. These feelings, however, make us constantly interested in the topic and I would like to use this opportunity today.

People are very different, but we are similar in some fundamental aspects. Saying that I think about main motivators that make us be involved in some of the happenings and activities. For example, recent wild fires in Russia turned international media upside down and made a lot people look at the effects of global warming from extreme and new angle – real threat. People have a tendency to perceive things through personal experience and this personal experience is, perhaps, major driving force of progress.

Pros and Cons of Technology

Progress of technology and STR (scientific and technological revolution) have been described by mankind all through the ages, in particular their positive and negative effects on our society.

The definition of technology implies usage of material objects, methods and systems of organization and techniques. In other words, technology is the coherence of science and engineering. People had been using technology from the moment when they first chipped stone blades. And from that time and heretofore we have been looking for better goods and services.

There is an idea in the scientific society, a kind of hypothesis, that technology pushes the society ahead. But more reliable is the concept of mutual influence between society and technology, the idea of their interaction.

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