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Persuasive Essay on Cloning

Cloning – The Wrong Turn Science Takes

The history of science knows a lot of controversial issues and times when some new discovery or direction of inventions was popularly believed to be inherently evil, immoral and bringing the downfall of human race with it. Most commonly it was said about the discovery of some new law of nature, or possibility to cure illnesses by unusual methods, or ways of using the above mentioned laws to the advantage of the human. And most commonly later it was decided that the new discovery carries nothing bad in itself but, in fact, is useful and may be used to bring a lot of good.

Essay on Theory of Mind

Each of us was given the ability and gift to understand people from cognitive and emotional aspects. Theory of mind is the notion that describes the ability of an individual to sense and analyze the way of thinking of another person. One of the greatest parts of this theory is the capability of one person to see things and realities from another person’s perspective. In real life this complicated definition means that people who know the theory of mind will be able to admit that their opinion is not a universe truth and will be open for the discussion of various views on the specific subject. People who lack the proper knowledge in this field in the same situation will most probably find it extremely difficult to understand why no one else sees that their opinion is correct and will be put off by the time spent for the discussion of obvious (from their perspective) subjects.

Essay on Philosophical Method

Philosophy is a science and even though numerical and empirical methods in regards to the research and analysis of the subject of philosophical experiments are not always effective, as any other science it always requires structure and methods that would help to get arguments and supportive data as well as make conclusions.

There are several common factors of all the philosophical methods known up to know. All of them include hypothesis stating, formulation of primary research questions and limiting the scope of the analysis, research on previous related studies and analysis of the new data. Due to the liquidity of subjects that are covered by philosophical analysis, all the developed methodologies require critical thinking and counter or alternative hypothesis to be tested against.

Essay on Climate Change

If someone tells me that climate is constantly changing and nature is not stable, I would try to assure him that nature is perfectly stable in the major trends and developments. We are changing every day, time makes us different. As well as we cannot enter the same river twice, we will not be able to be exactly the same as we were yesterday, as today we are one day older.

Nature is more alive than anything else and we are a part of it. Therefore, if we change, nature cannot remain the same. People keep talking about climate change for at least another century. In fact, during this century the climate was as stable as before and changes were always in place. It is probably a different way of looking at the clime change, but at least it gives me a belief that nature has its cycle and changes are all natural.

Essay on Academic

Writing successful academic paper is not an easy task and each of us, who ever had to face this assignment, understands what I mean. There is no definite way to make your piece of writing an outstanding work, as well as it is not possible to derive the standard formula of the academic writing that will satisfy all types of professor and meet the requirements of all the subjects. That said, none of the guides on academic writing will be able to teach anyone how to write an essay, dissertation or term paper. What they can do is provide the reader with the logic line and direction, in which this document should be written.

Good guide on academic writing will introduce the reader to the basic mistakes that are made by students in regards to the style, grammar and content of their work. Again, the guidelines will not dictate the rules, but will highlight some of examples of how individual perception in the objective academic writing can create wrong or even negative impression about capabilities and knowledge of the student. In contrast, complete guides will be able to provide examples of the works that are considered as a high class essay by the majority of people who read it.

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