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Recently, the world has been facing financial crisis. During this period, many commercial banks have undertaken risky investment project with an aim of gaining profits from the situation. As a result, many banks have performed well whereas others have been underperforming. The result of the underperforming bank is the decline in the value of its stocks due to the reduced profitability. On the other hand, a well performing bank has increased value of its shares due to the increased profits.

Economies and Their Modes of Production

Agro-Business and in Relation to Hunger and Famine

Hunger and famine are two natural calamities that have serious and devastating effects on the life in this planet. Famine is a long season without rain, which leads to a decrease in agricultural productivity. Of course, this leads to hunger. In the various economies around the world, man is engaged in trading activities. Agro-business is one of the trading activities. This essay seeks to establish the position that agro-business exaggerates hunger and famine rather than help in curbing it.

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