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Security Organizations

Private security management has been associated with the provision of security services in various fields. This involves the agreement on a contract basis between a private security firm and individuals, organizations and groups to offer security services to them. In the contract, terms are set upon the tasks the private security company should be performing. In undertaking these activities in relation to the contract, many legal issues may that need to be addressed by the involved private security company (Dempsey, 2007). In the recent cases, the liability exposure of private security companies has increased enormously. There have been several reasons as to why a high rate of malpractice litigation is currently being labeled against the management of private security.

Advertising campaign management


An advertising company is an independent and separate business organization which promotes the products of the organizations or companies. It consists of creativity, innovation and businessmen and women, who establish, develop and place an advert on the advertising media. This is for the sellers who seek to find customers to purchase their goods and services. The first advertising agency started in 1800 in Britain. It was called whites and it created adverts for the government lotteries and charities and it was mostly for recruitment advertising in the government departments and ministries (Christ, 2008 pp. 470).

Essay on Motivation

Essay on Motivation

With the development of business relationships and growth of economics, the role of motivation becomes more and more important for employment relations as well as personalities and skills of employees in the complex business environment. Scale of business calls for immediate actions in introducing various intangible tools to motivate employees and increase their retention rate. Taking this into account, the roles and responsibilities of the Human Resource Management are growing and require HR specialists to develop additional motivation and human capital skills.

Essay on Money

What is Money?

Everyone uses money and knows what it is. We are motivated by money, and we all try to get it for whatever reason. If we look at the value and role of money in the local and global economics, we can find a definition and strict guidance on its value, use and limitations. Money is, however, a mechanism that controls cultural and social relations within the country as well as between different states.

Why Have You Chosen this Career or Profession

My Choice of Profession

Marketing always fascinated me by the role and effect it has on the trends and customer’s choice. From my point of view, advertising is the driver of any business. While operations and tactical measures have the main objective to deliver, marketing actually creates these deliverables and objectives and the way these targets determine how successful a business would be.

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