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Why College is Bad for You

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Above all, educational sector is a system. It is a system that is meant to make money. No wonder educational institutions are responsible for a significant share of the nation-wide GNI (Gross National Income).

Every university is a cash-machine and if you are going to school, you have to be smart about it. Not only financially (not getting yourself into a 50-year loan) but also cognitively. “I have never let my schooling interfere with my education,” Mark Twain said. He didn’t advocate self-education, neither am I doing so. He merely pointed to the simple truth that classroom education does not provide all the learning experience you need. It complements and adds to the thing you need most – real-world experience.

There is much more to education that what can be learned in school. In fact, the most valuable lessons can be learnt only outside of classroom. “I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand,” Confucius said.

We are all highly unique individuals and a highly uniform curriculum that has not changed much over the past hundred years cannot be good. How come it is still the teacher who decides what the assignment is going to be? The teacher can decide on the complexity of the task but why not let the student choose what to work on? Why force the student to read Aristotle if the student prefers to read Plato? Even though our cognitive processes are similar, we are unique to the extent that we deserve to have the right to work on the topic that interests us most.

Because the curriculum is so inflexible, an argument has been existing for a while now that the educational system is outdated. Many claim it restricts the ability to think creatively and …

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