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Speech on Environment

I believe that someday someone else just like the eminent Nobel laureate, professor Wangari Mathai will offer reforms harmonizing environmental quality with responsible liberty and modest prosperity. There are some valuable lessons to be learned by some who ignore environmental policy at their own peril. I believe that environment must be protected at any cost. I believe that our natural environment should be conserved and preserved in the parks as well as in wildlife areas. There is no doubt that you all have a duty to make this world safer and cleaner place.

I am proud of our progress concerning improvement of the environment. The most dangerous emissions have virtually disappeared and water quality, especially in the Great Lakes, has greatly improved.

Of course, persistent problems with the disappearance of the habitat, ineffective regulations and new pollutions require innovative policy tools. Some easy solutions may have already been implemented. We must address insensitive and inefficient public lands’ management, high regulatory costs and unintended consequences of environmental mandates. We must have a new environmentalism for the 21st century.

You can count on me when I say that my environmental vision sees a safer and cleaner world. Many times crisis entrepreneurs create hysteria in order to drive their policies and increase their own budgets. The resources might be limited so we must get the most of our money. We must have the most environmental benefit at the least cost.

Distant bureaucrats cannot manage local environments with sensitivity and efficiency.

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