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Persuasive Speech on Smoking

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I quit smoking about two years ago and I still have memories about how everyone was trying to encourage me to quit. Every day I had to hear about how harmful smoking was. Me friends kept telling me that there were certain hidden effects of smoking that I hadn’t yet realized and that would kick in few years down the road. After hearing things like that I kept making promises to myself that I would indeed quit. And I did for some time, but apparently my mind didn’t beat my body: I kept coming back to smoking. Is this familiar to you?

I often see smokers around me in the office, in the streets and even on TV. What I understood from my own experience is that the worst you can do is force a person to quit smoking. Doing so does exactly the opposite and creates a desire to be rebellious.

As I have mentioned before, I do not smoke now and my quitting process started one day with the visit to the doctor. She mentioned that there are people whose organisms are much more resistant to smoking, but the others, like me, are slowly killing themselves. She showed me the picture of my lungs and said that she could not stop me and that it was only my decision. At this moment my journey started. I did not quit right away, but every cigarette reminded me of the picture of my lungs and slowly started to hold a feeling of abomination for cigarettes until the day I woke up and realized that I will never smoke again!

I will not...

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