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Persuasive Speech on Recycling

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Recycling is a relatively new concept in our daily lives. Ten years ago recycling was implemented on industrial level and was strongly promoted by governmental and local authorities. Today recycling obsession came to our daily lives and while in some countries recycling policy is not yet strict and uncompromised, in the others it is already enforced and becomes a legal requirement for all the households. When I looked at the ranking of the countries with the highest recycling rates, top two countries that appeared on the list were Belgium and the United Kingdom. Living in the country, where we just start to learn about the benefits of the recycling, I was very surprised by the techniques and tools developed to increase and optimise recycling and facilitate people to become more “environmentally friendly” in their actions.

In Belgium all the people are obliged to separate the garbage in three categories: plastics, food and glass. In the UK government provided its population with special garbage recycling areas that have special section for plastic, food, glass, shoes, hand bags and even clothes. These areas are extremely convenient and promote recycling system all over the country.

For many organizations recycling is becoming one of the...

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