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Persuasive Speech on Organ Donation

Well, even when we start to talk or simply mention this topic to other people, we get a bit frustrated with the variance and deviation of opinions and positions regarding organ donation. There is, obviously, no right or wrong opinion about it and in such sensitive topics it is generally impossible to come to the full alignment of views. What is possible is to keep an open dialog and try to understand the positions of different people. Someone said long time ago that “we are free, until our freedom does not limit a freedom of someone else”. So, why not leave the choice about organ donation to those, who are specifically involved in it?

Why would the person, not directly involved in the situation, sit in the office and decide for you whether I can give or accept help from another individual. Or why, in contrary, would I not be able to choose what to do with my own body? As for me, these limitations are ridiculous and contradict with the concept of democracy and liberal rights. Life is the most sacred possession of an individual and if he can help someone else to save or prolong his or her stay in this life, why not do it? And why limit them from doing so?

I strongly believe that even among my audience...

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