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Persuasive Speech on Adoption

The research on the adoption and its internal processes brought me to very unfortunate conclusions and findings. One of the major questions that I cannot but ask myself at this stage is whether government and authorities responsible for adoption are trying to support and facilitate it in their countries or try to create all types of obstacles for people and families that really want to adopt a child. It is remarkable, from my point of view, how different links in one chain can eliminate and contradict each other.

Promotional campaigns and advertisements shout out loud about the growing number of kids that were left by their parents and look for new home. Financial and controlling departments shout about numerous requirements that a family has to meet before it will be able to adopt a child. Workload is piling up on the tables of clerks, kids getting older, growing up in the orphanages and potential parents give up on trying, as they cannot see the end in the documentation and credibility check processes.

Can we solve the problem this way?...

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