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How has Media Covereage of the Bali Nine changed between 2005 and 2015 – Research paper

There have been many changes in the way the media has covered the Bali Nine events between 2005 and 2015. The changes have been dynamic and have related to the way threats, sadness, anger, and fear are depicted. Over time, the media has become more sympathetic to the plight of Bali Nine and has shown more remorse for their situation.

There have been changes in a series of laws and regulations that govern the freedom of press as well as other factors. Currently in 2015, the press has more liberty to investigate and report on the Bali Nine than it did in 2005. The extent to which journalists can participate in sensitive meetings between the Bali Nine and their lawyers became evident in their 2015 reports. In this case, the level of security that is also provided to news anchors is also of high significance to avoid cases where they cannot air out important news with the fear of retaliation.

In terms of technology, there have been vast advancements in the last ten years in the ways that news can be delivered to most people. Unlike in 2005, most people can now browse news websites on their phone and receive instant update about new developments on trending stories. Information is much more easily and speedily amassed compared to ten years ago. Technology has made it easy for people to access media coverage issues on a variety of platforms.


When a natural disaster strikes anywhere in the world, the media are often the first on the scene. The media has grown to the level that any incident of accidents, droughts, floods, and terrorism are fled across the world through various media platforms in a quick manner. The media has helped develop people’s sense of sympathy to the victims of disasters. In order to overcome the sadness and anger at such events, people come together to offer their support from different countries.

A consequence of the rise of social media such as Facebook and Twitter is that it has been used as a platform to air threats and propagate terrorism. In many cases this has resulted in tension and threats among different sections of the world, polarizing political tensions and raising fears of violence. The situation has become more dramatic from 2005 to 2010 especially in African countries.


There is a great difference between the rates of coverage in different news outlets and over time. The rate of reporting has increased over the years, as the case of the Bali Nine has gained a higher profile in international news. The most active factors in this case are the breaking news updates that command a higher rating. The national news and the world news also have a bigger share of overall reports compared to the real estate news and sports coverage. They are more accessed on social media and people are more keen to know what takes place on a daily basis within their nation as well as the entire world.

The rate at which the media coverage has been changing is also different between the various factors of the society. The rates at which sports is reported has been increasing due to the high demand and interest across the entire world. Many people are keen to watch the development that take place when it comes to media coverage of sports. The rates have also realized an increase in the amount of people who watch across the years as we advance from 2005 to 2010.

The environment has presented a very slow growth from 2005 to 2010. In this case, the number of people who are keen to search and gain interest in news anchoring that target issues on the environment and sustainability is reduced compared to other factors. People are more centered on the events that take place on a frequent and daily basis. Due to the dynamic world, breaking news is a common factor that must take place. The highest chances of capturing breaking news are on the world scale followed by the national scale where people are ken on obtaining the news coverage on the various issues that come up.

The media coverage in this case focuses on factors like security, education, and natural calamities that affect people in different sections of the world.

A clear view of the graph indicates that media coverage has been growing for the past ten years where coverage has increased. Many aspects of the economy are now anchored in various ways. This is a major indication that the level of press freedom has entirely increased. People have realized the need of making news a priority by being flexible on the restrictions that were imposed before and in this case the overall rate of media coverage has entirely increased with major indications being the sports and breaking news sector.

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