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Samples and Examples of any Papers - Page 4

The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien

How do you make yourself a feared and honored king? It is not an easy way that is devoid of hurdles and challenges. If you have visible and invisible weaknesses, The Hobbit by Tolkien Ronald Reuel has a lot of useful information for your present life and the transformation of your life for better in the future. This is an account commencing with an indication of fragile character of Bilbo who is depicted as a having detest on adventure though he has the desire to save his treasure of the ancestral parents.

The Giver by Lois Lowry

The Giver is a book of its own kind. Authored by Lois Lowry the novel consists of numeral communities. These communities as the author argues are governed by an Elder. In brief, the Elder are more of the conventional city mayors. From a social perspective everything in this planet is wholly controlled. This infers that people have no innate choice to live the way they want nor they desire, whatever they desire is typically offered at the “Ceremony of the Twelves”. Equally, even the weather seems to be controlled. Ironically, the book paints a symbolic scenario by asserting that music is unknown. Moreover, the dwellers of this world do not see or recognize colors, but the most intriguing aspect is that death is unknown to them.

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain

Mark Twain’s novel The Adventures of Tom Sawyer narrates the tale of an adventurous, mischievous and imaginative lad who never seems to let go any opportunity of an adventure. Typically, the novel is anchored within a foundation of dissimilar themes which includes the aspects of love, rebellion, imagination as well as superstition. In essence one of the profound themes of the novel revolves or rather depicts the novel as a childhood romance. From a common perspective it is almost certain that there are cases of correlated emotions overwhelming the young boy when he first encountered Becky Thatcher as the author infers: “He worshiped this new angel with furtive eye, till he saw that she had discovered him; then he pretended he did not know she was present, and began to “show-off” in all sorts of absurd boyish ways, in order to win her admiration.”

Wicked by Gregory Maguire

Reading this book we first come across prologue and then the story begins with Elphaba’s Munchkinlander parents and the birth of Elphaba. The tale then reveals as she grows into a child, then a teen and as she joins the Shiz University.

Among the fellow students there is this snobbish and immaculate Glinda, the future Good Witch of the North, who Elphaba is compelled to share a room with. Despite of a bumpy beginning, these two become good friends in the course of time. As it turns out, Elphaba’s dependant sister, Nessarose, who will ultimately arise to be the Wicked Witch of the East, later joins them at Shiz University.

Twilight by Stephenie Meyer

Sometimes it is difficult to establish the definite plot or the theme of any given book. However, examining the manner in which the author of the Twilight has interwoven his plot it is crucial to say that Twilight is more of a love story. Examining the nature of literary tools employed such as suspense and imagery it would be instrumental to assert that it’s equally less vampire anecdote than it is passionate morality tale. This is due to the fact that our superwoman, Bella, compels us to follow her along her romance with the gorgeous, faultless vampire Edward. Hence, what makes this book to be exceptional is that the author has managed to explore and present his theme of romance and abstinence with unchallenged clarity.

Stormbreaker by Anthony Horowitz

The book is about a 14 year old boy, Alex Rider, who is puzzled by the mysterious death of his uncle Ian Rider. Alex is confused by the police office claims, “Had your uncle worn a seatbelt, he would have had a chance to survive”. Yet the boy clearly knows that his uncle was a very careful person. In the first few chapters of the book Alex have discovered little clues pointing to the malevolent death of his uncle: dozen of bullet holes on the car and a handgun which his uncle’s boss brings to the funeral. Further on Alex is invited to his uncle’s office to discuss his uncle’s will with one of the employees. Alex finds this meeting to be an appropriate time for him to carryout investigation and luckily he sneaks into his uncle’s office and starts perusing documents that might give hints about his uncle’s death. Unfortunately he is caught and shot with tranquilizer gun.

Still Alice by Lisa Genova

Still Alice is a convincing debut tale depicting a story of a 50 years-old-lady swift descent into early commencement Alzheimer’s disease. Basically, Alice Howard is married and is blessed with three grown offsprings and a striking house on the Cape. By the time she began to notice her forgetfulness, she was a celebrated professor at the peak of her career in Harvard. Hence, the confusion began to erode her thinking and her memory began to upset her. But she was scared when she received the frightening diagnosis: the early inception Alzheimer’s disease. Though aggressively independent she fights to maintain and sustain her lifestyle and live in the jiffy, even though her innate consciousness erodes and slips away.

Skellig by David Almond

In 1998 Skellig won the Carnegie Medal as well as Whitbread award and remains the most famous and readable book. This short novel book contains 170 pages that are full of essential themes and images. The author David Almond is considered to be Gabriel Garcia Marquez in literature for children.

A 10 year old Michael and his family moves to a new house with a bad repair and one day Michael discovers some strange creature akin to angel in his garage, the so-called skellig who lives there with insects and spiders . In spite of that skellig seems to contain feathers and carries on his kith and kin in as much good shape as he can afford. Michael helps skellig. Meanwhile people wonder who he might be – an owl, an angel or some other creature.

Holes by Louis Sachar

Holes written by the author c was published in 1999 and he won national book award and Newbery medal. Later in 2003 this novel was modified by Walt Disney with good star cast Khileo Thomas and Shia LaBeouf.

We can describe a succinct and lucid summary of Holes book and various media related issues from Holes movie. Stanley Yelnats ended up his life in detention center for juveniles. He was sent to Camp Green Lake where the warden appeared to be very tough. He wanted everybody to dig up five feet wide by five feet deep holes. While passing through, Stanley Yelnats got hit by a pair of stolen sneakers and got arrested. Hence, he had to face such work that he had not anticipated earlier. The counselors had advocated that digging could build up the character but Stanley kept being suspicious.

Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer

Eclipse is in reality the 3rd novel in Meyer’s ever popular series of Twilight. In essence Eclipse moves on after the New Moon had departed, while on the other hand Bella’s graduation is approaching and this indicates that she will be leaving the Forks forever, apparently to join a college. Later she is stealthily planning to join her boyfriend in his vampire subsistence, that means she won’t come back home because of being lifeless and possessing an uncontrollable blood covetousness. As the story develops, the lethal vampires from Seattle return to haunt the dwellers and from this very point the vampire seems to dominate in the rest of the book.

Pros and Cons of Technology

Progress of technology and STR (scientific and technological revolution) have been described by mankind all through the ages, in particular their positive and negative effects on our society.

The definition of technology implies usage of material objects, methods and systems of organization and techniques. In other words, technology is the coherence of science and engineering. People had been using technology from the moment when they first chipped stone blades. And from that time and heretofore we have been looking for better goods and services.

There is an idea in the scientific society, a kind of hypothesis, that technology pushes the society ahead. But more reliable is the concept of mutual influence between society and technology, the idea of their interaction.

Everlasting Talent of William Shakespeare

Who was William Shakespeare? Was he an ordinary man with a splendent talent or was he a genius? Why was he so popular and why does he still popular today? It is difficult to judge, we can hardly answer these questions, and I think that we can only guess…

William Shakespeare is a world-known poet and playwright. Someone said that “Shakespeare was not of an age, but for all time”. Many centuries later these words still ring true. Shakespeare’s surviving works include 38 plays, 154 sonnets and several other poems. Among the most famous Shakespeare’s works I can name “Romeo and Juliet”, “Macbeth”, “Othello”, “Twelfth Night” and many others. I want to admit that we all know a great deal about his creative work but know almost nothing about his life and his personality. Some people confirm that the Cobbe portrait is the only authentic portrait of Shakespeare made during his lifetime, and this portrait is considered to be the only original image from which Bard have copied modern iconic portrait of the great playwright.

Terrorism: Can We Avoid Living Under a Constant Threat?

A number of countries have been subjected to a series of horrifying terrorist attacks over the past few years. The scenes of the tragedy on September, 11 in the USA and the recent explosions in Moscow metro on March, 29 will stick in the memory of the international community for years to come. Such outrageous crimes against humanity are unpredictable and take away thousands of lives every year. Is there a way to avert this danger?

Many people believe that security measures should be more severe when facing such atrocious events. If the conspiracy is revealed before the plotters put it into practice, it will save a huge number of innocent people. One more way to tackle the problem is to unite the efforts of people from different countries in the struggle against terrorism. The exchange of information and sharing resources could greatly facilitate the processes of search and capture of the criminals.

Perceptions and Interpretations of Success

Definition of success is a personal issue which is different for different people. In general, success is the accomplishment of the task you aim at. One can write an essay and consider it to be an unprecedented case; another one treats writing a book or dissertation as a success.

Happiness and success stand close together. Let us define success as attaining something you want or, in other words, reaching the goals you have set. But if the goals have been set by somebody else and you are to achieve them, it will definitely make you successful. But it will not make you happy. Ideal situation is surely when success and happiness are combined and you reach the goals you have set by yourself.

We need to draw a line between success in mind and success in the society, as perceptions of success differ depending on interpretation.

Smoking and Style of Life

The percentage of smokers all over the world is radically reduced during the last five years. Advertisement and results of scientific researches on smoking have played their role. However, each fifth person in the world is a smoker.

Any smoker is informed that smoking is dangerous and harmful not only for smoker himself but also for surrounding non-smokers. Affects of tobacco smoking on human body were under steadfast researches for many years. Results are more than impressive.

Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) examined impact of tobacco smoking on the developing of atherosclerosis and concluded that arteries of smokers are thickening 30% faster than that of non-smokers: this leads to premature aging. Smoking increases the risk to die from obstructive bronchitis or emphysema by five times and the risk of stroke by 50 %.

Sport as a Lifestyle

As the saying goes, “Sound mind in a sound body”! If you practice various kinds of sports you care about your physical and mental condition.

If I start to tell you about my favorite kinds of sports you may consider me to be a strange girl. The point is that one of my favorite sports is soccer. Even when I was a child I could not but watched football matches on TV. Then I grew older and became fond of this game. Initially, I was attracted by the magic of ball in the air. A little later I began to think seriously that I like soccer and want to improve my skills in it.

Perhaps the reason is that the soccer is a very mobile game that involves not just one person but a whole team. Thus the victory of the team depends on the game of all players. Moreover, soccer tempers health, fosters freedom, camaraderie and helps to become resilient and strong.

Racism is a Real Problem

The problem of racism is widely discussed all over the world nowadays. It is evident that racism destructs the society and engenders hatred among people; destructive influence of racism was evident many decades ago but this problem hasn’t disappeared and it hasn’t been solved up till now. Racism still exists in the world and it is high time for people to think over this problem and to find solutions of this issue.

Racism is based on the idea that the genetic factors which differentiate one race from the other one are primary determinants of human features and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race over the others. The idea of one race superiority doesn’t appear on its own: racism like any other thing has definite reasons. It is evident that a person cannot be born a racist; he can only learn to become a racist. It goes without saying that our family and friends influence our views on other races; movies and television also play an important role in the process of shaping our attitude towards other nations.

What is Love?

Love has been glorified by so many poets and writers… It has been researched by so many scientists… It seems that at present it should be easy to define this phenomenon, yet it is as complicated as ever. Does it mean that our predecessors were all wrong? It only means that love is very versatile and may be perceived differently.

In my opinion love is tinted in a multitude of colours. Red stands for passionate love. It is physical attraction and yearning to be closer to a particular person. Red gives way to pink when tenderness comes into foreground. You feel tenderness when you look at your beloved near and want to take care of them and protect them from the problems of the outside world. Love acquires blue colour, when your second half is away and you miss him or her. It changes into green when you suffer from pangs of jealousy and paints your world black when your heart is broken. As you see, love is connected with as many emotions as there are shades in the palette.

Happiness: An Integral Part of Our Life!

For many millennia people have been asking themselves what the happiness is, but they still cannot find the right answer for this question. It happens probably because opinions differ and happiness can hardly mean the same to everybody.

To my mind happiness is a special state of mind and soul which paints life of a person in bright colours. You can neither buy happiness, nor sell it, but nevertheless one can share it with you. I believe that it depends upon us whether we feel happy or not. You’ve certainly noticed that some people are always dissatisfied with everything that happens in their everyday life – I mean their constant grumbling about problems and behavior of other people; facial expression of such people always reveals them: they are usually louring and gloomy.

The Problem of Gender Inequality

The problem of gender inequality is one of the issues which has been openly discussing in our society over the past decades; and the most burning issue is certainly the problem of inequality in employment.

In the working world and in the sphere of business women are still at the second place as compared to women. And even if a woman is bright and ambitious enough, has plenty of ideas and is eager to work she won’t be treated the same as a man with these characteristics.

According to the International Labor Organization women receive lower wage than men do and it is a common problem in the majority of countries irrespective of the level of economic development. Women are usually steered towards the traditional jobs (like teachers, nurses or waitress) that men do not want to do.

Globalisation: A Change for the Better?

Can you imagine yourself visiting a foreign country on a holiday and finding that it is the spitting image of your homeland? Sounds nightmarish? Yet, some scientists predict that most countries might look alike because of globalisation in the future. It seems that this phenomenon that has usually been interpreted as a change for the common weal needs careful analysis at present.

On the one hand, globalisation has produced a favourable influence on our lives. A number of agreements signed by different countries have considerably contributed to the development of international trade and made workforce more mobile. For instance, the EU citizens have freely migrated to any country within the borders of the union. Moreover, it has made the distances between countries shorter. It has helped us to learn more about different cultures, as nowadays we have an opportunity to read books and watch films produced in various parts of our planet.

Global Warming – Pressing Issue!

Is global warming a real threat? Try to print this question in Yahoo! or in Google and you will get millions of resulting links – each of them containing far too different opinions. While some people say that global warming is the most menacing process mankind has ever faced, the other suggest that it is a global hysteria but not global warming, which threatens modern society. But can we find out the truth?

To begin with, it is worth saying that more then one-third of all people in the world know about global warming next to nothing. People who live in developing countries know less while those from developed ones know more. But to be aware of a process is not necessarily the same as to believe that this process is really in action. For example, most residents in Latin America believe that human activities have an effect on climate changes.

Environment: Are we Facing an Unavoidable End of the World?

At present mass media bombards us with reports and articles about the miserable state of the environment all over the world. They constantly warn us that we should find a way to lessen the harmful effects of the human activity; otherwise our planet will turn into an unsuitable place to live on. So is there anything we can do to prevent the disaster?

Industry is in charge for most environmental problems, as the owners of plants and factories usually economize on the purifying systems or safety measures. As a result, poisonous waste is released into atmosphere or into water. The only possible solution is for us to put pressure on the government to make safety requirements stricter and increase fines for those who break the law. We should make it unfavourable for business people to ignore ecological demands.

Our Family Is a Team!

Our family perfectly knows the formula of happiness. There are four of us: mother Ann, father Tom and my sister Kate. I am the youngest in the family. Now I’m in school. I am fond of dancing and love to travel with my family!

I consider myself and my family to be really great! Our parents do their best for me and my sister Kate. They want us to study and achieve our goals in life.

I really love my mother and I’m very grateful to her for everything she did and is still doing for me. The head of our family is my father Peter. He is a very versatile and industrious person. My father loves to play hockey and soccer. We respect him so much.

Now I will tell you about my beloved sister Kate. We had great fun with her when we were children as we grew up together. She is a very active girl and even now she is fond of acrobatics, dances and figure skating. My sister is very cheerful, kind, sympathetic, purposeful and sociable person.

Freedom as a Treasure

What is freedom? Why people strive so hard to have it? And why it is so important for every person to be free? Up to the present day no one can give meaningful and unambiguous answers to these questions.

Opinions of different people about what freedom is contradict each other, because different people understand it in different ways. Some people define freedom as the existence of an opportunity to make choices freely and to put into practice their ideas. Other people think that freedom is a synonym to democracy. A person who is in prison believes that freedom is an opportunity to live out of prison. I understand freedom as an absence of enforcement from the other people.

Some wise man said that “my freedom ends there, where the freedom of another person starts”. To my mind it’s impossible to be absolutely free when you live in the society: there is always something that prevents us from actions or words, something that makes us think about freedom and rights of other people. Every person in the society has the right to do what is not forbidden by law and social customs.

Fashion in Our Life

Whatever they say, the truth is that the first impression of every person largely depends on his or her appearance. There is hardly a person who does not want to be dressed in an elegant and exquisite manner. Good taste is always a sign of a good breeding. The word “fashion” tempts us to think about clothes firstly but this is a broader concept. Even the translation of this Latin word which means “way”, “style” is closely associated with many spheres of human activity. However, its connection with clothing is the most notable.

Fashion changes and updates almost every day. Thus it is important for each of us to find significant and at the same time individual things in it. The art of dressing enables us to combine clothing in the best possible way. Some fashionable ladies tend to copy the well-known models, trying to find an individual style. Nevertheless, it should be understood that there are no strict standards in fashion; otherwise people will lose their individuality trying and mimicking the style of the famous persons.

Courage: Moral and Physical

Webster’s dictionary gives the following definition of courage: “Courage is mental or moral strength to venture, persevere and withdraw danger, fear or difficulty”. There are several ways and types to express courage. The latter can be divided into moral and physical. Moral courage is the inner power that pushes us to succeed with something. Physical courage is brave action obvious to other people.

Let’s give concrete examples. Moral courage becomes obvious when you defend somebody’s point of view knowing that the opposite party is strong and debates will not be easy. Physical courage is demonstrated when you jump into the sea to save somebody who can’t swim.

But let’s give more pragmatic definition to courage. Courage is power and ability to face your fears and difficulties. This human quality is rather rear to find: to act brave doesn’t mean to be courageous. Most of people consider themselves brave but their courage vanishes away when they face real difficulties.

What is Life?

Life is given to all of us only once and everyone decides on his or her own how to spend this short span of time.

I personally believe that you should live your life in such a way so that you have something pleasant to remember, something that will evoke a smile on your face, something that you can tell your little grandchildren, something that you can be proud of and certainly something that will continue to exist in this world after your death.

There are people who drift with the stream called «day-to-day life» and who do not make any efforts to use all the opportunities that life offers them. In my opinion all their days look the same and I think that such way of life is boring. I stick to the opinion that life can be bright, full of adventures and memorable moments. It usually happens when people set some goals and try to achieve them. As example we can take well-known goals of a real man: to plant a tree, to build a house and to give birth to a son. Certainly these goals serve only as a pattern and every person decides on his or her own how to live his life and what aims to set.

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