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Samples and Examples of any Papers - Page 35

Globalisation: A Change for the Better?

Can you imagine yourself visiting a foreign country on a holiday and finding that it is the spitting image of your homeland? Sounds nightmarish? Yet, some scientists predict that most countries might look alike because of globalisation in the future. It seems that this phenomenon that has usually been interpreted as a change for the common weal needs careful analysis at present.

On the one hand, globalisation has produced a favourable influence on our lives. A number of agreements signed by different countries have considerably contributed to the development of international trade and made workforce more mobile. For instance, the EU citizens have freely migrated to any country within the borders of the union. Moreover, it has made the distances between countries shorter. It has helped us to learn more about different cultures, as nowadays we have an opportunity to read books and watch films produced in various parts of our planet.

Global Warming – Pressing Issue!

Is global warming a real threat? Try to print this question in Yahoo! or in Google and you will get millions of resulting links – each of them containing far too different opinions. While some people say that global warming is the most menacing process mankind has ever faced, the other suggest that it is a global hysteria but not global warming, which threatens modern society. But can we find out the truth?

To begin with, it is worth saying that more then one-third of all people in the world know about global warming next to nothing. People who live in developing countries know less while those from developed ones know more. But to be aware of a process is not necessarily the same as to believe that this process is really in action. For example, most residents in Latin America believe that human activities have an effect on climate changes.

Environment: Are we Facing an Unavoidable End of the World?

At present mass media bombards us with reports and articles about the miserable state of the environment all over the world. They constantly warn us that we should find a way to lessen the harmful effects of the human activity; otherwise our planet will turn into an unsuitable place to live on. So is there anything we can do to prevent the disaster?

Industry is in charge for most environmental problems, as the owners of plants and factories usually economize on the purifying systems or safety measures. As a result, poisonous waste is released into atmosphere or into water. The only possible solution is for us to put pressure on the government to make safety requirements stricter and increase fines for those who break the law. We should make it unfavourable for business people to ignore ecological demands.

Our Family Is a Team!

Our family perfectly knows the formula of happiness. There are four of us: mother Ann, father Tom and my sister Kate. I am the youngest in the family. Now I’m in school. I am fond of dancing and love to travel with my family!

I consider myself and my family to be really great! Our parents do their best for me and my sister Kate. They want us to study and achieve our goals in life.

I really love my mother and I’m very grateful to her for everything she did and is still doing for me. The head of our family is my father Peter. He is a very versatile and industrious person. My father loves to play hockey and soccer. We respect him so much.

Now I will tell you about my beloved sister Kate. We had great fun with her when we were children as we grew up together. She is a very active girl and even now she is fond of acrobatics, dances and figure skating. My sister is very cheerful, kind, sympathetic, purposeful and sociable person.

Freedom as a Treasure

What is freedom? Why people strive so hard to have it? And why it is so important for every person to be free? Up to the present day no one can give meaningful and unambiguous answers to these questions.

Opinions of different people about what freedom is contradict each other, because different people understand it in different ways. Some people define freedom as the existence of an opportunity to make choices freely and to put into practice their ideas. Other people think that freedom is a synonym to democracy. A person who is in prison believes that freedom is an opportunity to live out of prison. I understand freedom as an absence of enforcement from the other people.

Some wise man said that “my freedom ends there, where the freedom of another person starts”. To my mind it’s impossible to be absolutely free when you live in the society: there is always something that prevents us from actions or words, something that makes us think about freedom and rights of other people. Every person in the society has the right to do what is not forbidden by law and social customs.

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