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Samples and Examples of any Papers - Page 34

Sport as a Lifestyle

As the saying goes, “Sound mind in a sound body”! If you practice various kinds of sports you care about your physical and mental condition.

If I start to tell you about my favorite kinds of sports you may consider me to be a strange girl. The point is that one of my favorite sports is soccer. Even when I was a child I could not but watched football matches on TV. Then I grew older and became fond of this game. Initially, I was attracted by the magic of ball in the air. A little later I began to think seriously that I like soccer and want to improve my skills in it.

Perhaps the reason is that the soccer is a very mobile game that involves not just one person but a whole team. Thus the victory of the team depends on the game of all players. Moreover, soccer tempers health, fosters freedom, camaraderie and helps to become resilient and strong.

Racism is a Real Problem

The problem of racism is widely discussed all over the world nowadays. It is evident that racism destructs the society and engenders hatred among people; destructive influence of racism was evident many decades ago but this problem hasn’t disappeared and it hasn’t been solved up till now. Racism still exists in the world and it is high time for people to think over this problem and to find solutions of this issue.

Racism is based on the idea that the genetic factors which differentiate one race from the other one are primary determinants of human features and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race over the others. The idea of one race superiority doesn’t appear on its own: racism like any other thing has definite reasons. It is evident that a person cannot be born a racist; he can only learn to become a racist. It goes without saying that our family and friends influence our views on other races; movies and television also play an important role in the process of shaping our attitude towards other nations.

What is Love?

Love has been glorified by so many poets and writers… It has been researched by so many scientists… It seems that at present it should be easy to define this phenomenon, yet it is as complicated as ever. Does it mean that our predecessors were all wrong? It only means that love is very versatile and may be perceived differently.

In my opinion love is tinted in a multitude of colours. Red stands for passionate love. It is physical attraction and yearning to be closer to a particular person. Red gives way to pink when tenderness comes into foreground. You feel tenderness when you look at your beloved near and want to take care of them and protect them from the problems of the outside world. Love acquires blue colour, when your second half is away and you miss him or her. It changes into green when you suffer from pangs of jealousy and paints your world black when your heart is broken. As you see, love is connected with as many emotions as there are shades in the palette.

Happiness: An Integral Part of Our Life!

For many millennia people have been asking themselves what the happiness is, but they still cannot find the right answer for this question. It happens probably because opinions differ and happiness can hardly mean the same to everybody.

To my mind happiness is a special state of mind and soul which paints life of a person in bright colours. You can neither buy happiness, nor sell it, but nevertheless one can share it with you. I believe that it depends upon us whether we feel happy or not. You’ve certainly noticed that some people are always dissatisfied with everything that happens in their everyday life – I mean their constant grumbling about problems and behavior of other people; facial expression of such people always reveals them: they are usually louring and gloomy.

The Problem of Gender Inequality

The problem of gender inequality is one of the issues which has been openly discussing in our society over the past decades; and the most burning issue is certainly the problem of inequality in employment.

In the working world and in the sphere of business women are still at the second place as compared to women. And even if a woman is bright and ambitious enough, has plenty of ideas and is eager to work she won’t be treated the same as a man with these characteristics.

According to the International Labor Organization women receive lower wage than men do and it is a common problem in the majority of countries irrespective of the level of economic development. Women are usually steered towards the traditional jobs (like teachers, nurses or waitress) that men do not want to do.

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