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Essay on Classification in Prison Facilities

Prison classification can be defined as a method of appraising inmate risks, in an attempt to attain and maintain a state of equilibrium between security requirements and program needs. The safety of jail facilities is dependent on inmate classification. Almost every institution in existence has some form of classification for various operations. Ensuring efficient classification is crucial for safe operations in prison facilities. Over the last decade, emphases on upgrading prison classification methods and management have been contracted. Since inmates are heterogeneous, they possess varying character and behavioral traits. For this reason, many prisoners are incompatible with individuals they divvy their living place with. Without proper classification, the environment for inmates and staff would be flagitious.

Essay on Correctional Facilities’ Staff and Inmate Regulation


The main aim of correctional facilities is to ensure that the inmates are reformed before they are reintegrated back to society. The rise in the number of inmates has, however, led to the emergence of both inmate and staff challenge within the facilities. It is important to ensure inmate custody and control for a number of reasons. Integral amongst them is to see to it that they serve the time for the crimes that they committed. Further, the control prevents them from possible escape that might lead to the commission of further crimes within the community. It also ensures that the rehabilitation process is conducted as scheduled.

Essay about Best Books in Term

Of all the books our class has had to read, this term, my best book so far has been The Hobbit. This paper seeks to give a summary of the book as well as a short critical analysis of the book. At the same time, this book will be compared to other books that were available. These books are The Natural by Bernard Malamud, World War Z by Max Brooks, and Christine by Stephen King. The reasons as why The Hobbit was my favorite above the other three books will be stated in my essay.

Essay about Love as a Theme in Life


Love is an intangible feeling that makes us vulnerable to danger, pain and suffering. However, love is the foundation of friendship; it brings us together and promotes cooperation. Friendship and cooperation is usually contaminated by betrayal and lies. The people we love can easily manipulate our trust.

We have all experienced different kinds of love in our lives. As we grow up, our parents teach us how to love through words, actions and feelings. It is true when people say love is life, because life without love would be meaningless. Love is seen in various aspects of our lives, we see them in literature, pop music, movies, and religious texts and through life experience.

Essay on the Worst Combinations of Books into Films


The advantage that movies have over books is that everything in the movie can tell the story: the background music, the movements or he gestures of the actors, specific unanimated scenes, dialogue, monologue and so on. On the other hands, books have only the words they are made of to tell the story and sometimes graphical indications or drawings that explain the scenes which compose the narrative. The current essay analyzes four combinations of book-film storytelling narratives (“The Natural”, “World War Z”, “Christine” and “The Hobbit”), focusing on a particular book-film combination, chosen as the worst such combination for a college-student audience.

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