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Samples and Examples of any Papers - Page 29

Speech on Terrorism

The city never sleeps at night, the people can’t walk freely on lanes and all minds are stuck with the fear of violence puttering around, of terrorism growing in the world at an alarming rate. Terrorism is the activity that is carried out by men to generate panic and fear; to harm and kill people; it is an abhorrent attempt to take away an individual peace and lives.

The wound of 9/11 still not healed: the only rebound can be a world free from such actions. In the past few years there had been a whopping increase in these activities: from Bomb attacks in Pakistan to the attack on Taj Hotel in Mumbai, from Twin tower attack in America to London Bombings. Terrorists are carrying their activities unabatedly.

Men are brainwashed to loathe the world: they get trained by various terrorist organizations for this purpose, like Iraq, Afghanistan and Taliban. The suicide bombers are the examples of human weapon being used by terrorist organizations.

Paper on Death Penalty: Pro and Contra

Death penalty is a form of punishment that was adopted and accepted by our ancestral parents biblically traced in the Moses’ times; the practices has been inherited or transferred from one generation to another. Death penalty has been used as a method of eradicating criminals in the community or construed as a method of ensuring a peaceful society where violence is maintained at its dismal point. However, for the past few decades statistics from diverse data banks on crime have indicated that there is a general rising trend of violent events or criminal incidents in the society. Thus numerous questions have arisen concerning the validity or justification of the employment of death penalty to check crimes in the society.

Essay About Mother in Your Life

Who is mother in your opinion? Many people when they are asked this question give quite different answers just as when they are asked about Bible. So I wonder if she is the one who brings us into this world. Is mother the one who cares about us, feeds us, looks after us and loves us like no other?

Many people would get baffled at the perplexity and the apparent simplicity of this question. A mother is not just a woman who brings us into this world. But if a mother gives birth to a child and then leaves it on the road to die, you cannot call her a mother. In contrast, a woman, who has not given birth to that child (on the road) but takes it home and treats this child as if he or she were her own, is a good mother. In fact, the latter would be a better mother than the one who originally gave birth to that child.

Essay About Myself: Who am I in this Life?

It is really interesting when one tries to talk about oneself. This is due to the fact that every person has a tale to tell. Mine is rather one of those stories that are very intriguing.

I first came to realize that I had the potential to be a prolific writer when I was in high school. My English teacher had a problem with his grammar and sometimes I had to correct his mistakes since I had as impeccable English.

It was not long before I decided to write my first fictional novel titled ‘The mayor’s daughter” which incidentally I happened to sell to my fellow students. I sold hundreds of copies and thus I got managed to pay for my school fees.

The Pearl by John Steinbeck

The plot of the story takes place on a coastal community near La Paz, Mexico. The town lies on an estuary where the sand is yellow, but there is rubble of shells and algae near the water. The book was first published in 1947, so the time period is probably early 19th century. Kino, the main character of the book, is the father of Coyotito and husband of Juana. Kino finds the “Pearl of the World” that lays the beginning to their problems.

Kino, a poor Mexican pearl diver, enjoys a simple life with his wife Juana and their baby, Coyotito. The baby, who was bitten by a scorpion, falls ill, and the doctors refuse to cure him. The situation changes, when Kino discovers a huge fine pearl one day.

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