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Persuasive essay on single parent families

Children Devoid of Full-Fledged Care

The problem of single parenting is becoming more severe as the society is experiencing significant shift in values and attitudes towards marriage and parents’ relations. While there are numerous factors that affect children development and foundation of their individual values and behavioral patterns, family plays the major role in this personal growth. When family relations are not stable or when the child is brought up in a single-parent family, he is devoid of the full-fledged care. This care is crucial for development of strong and balanced personality and very often we can see that people, who grew up in such families, have very defined and exaggerated qualities, especially in regards to defensive and feeling elements of their personality.

Persuasive essay on sexual abuse and incest should be banned

Issues of Sexual Abuse and Incest

I strongly believe that this topic is dedicated to two different subjects that, despite having something in common, still represent and touch upon different moral and ethical values. The major difference is that one is illegal and is committed against the wish of one of the people involved, while the second one can be the consequence and result of mutually desired behavior. With that in mind, it is important to treat and analyze these occurrences separately.

Persuasive essay on school uniform. Good tradition or outdated habit

School Uniform

A lot of schools based on local or governmental initiative implemented school uniforms and there are various opinions and views that support or withstand this notion. These arguments vary from those, who state that uniform is a necessary attribute of discipline and order creation among school children to the fact that its introduction is the violation of individual freedom.

Persuasive essay on pollution is a consistent demolition of the earth

Pollution and Demolition of Earth

Air pollution constantly affects people’s lives, as in order to live we have to breathe and repugnant substances that are present in the air make it harder for our organism to receive the needed oxygen. Apart from human beings, there are millions of animals, insects and other live creatures that share this air with us and, consequently, are influenced by the damage that human activities bring to their inhabitation.

Persuasive essay on media violence has a negative effect

Negative Effect of Media Violence

Media is a powerful instrument of control, which influences the people’s behavior and is perfect in creating the so called “crowd thinking”. This term was created to define the way mass media sources influence behavior, mentality and tastes on conceptual level. For example, how many of us buy some product in shops just because you have seen it being advertised on TV or radio? Or how many times have your behavior been influenced by news or TV show?

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