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Samples and Examples of any Papers - Page 19

Essay on Marxian Economics

Karl Marks is an outstanding personality in the history of economic science. His works on the economics of capitalism laid foundation to the development of separate philosophical stream – Marxian Economics. It is important to differentiate Marxian economics from Marxism, as the latter one is the theory of political and social science. Marx was the first to discuss and identify the role of proletarian revolution as the basis for development of capitalism.

One of the major works ever written by Marx is The Capital. The author worked on this book for more than ten years overall and the entire version of the work was only published after his death. The Marxian Economics is based on Marx’s perception and analysis of the works and studies prepared by his predecessors and opponents, such as Adam Smith and David Ricardo. The Capital is often considered as a response to them, in particular to the Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith. While both works agreed on fundamental role of capital and production capabilities in the economic relationships, they had fundamentally different views on some of the elements of labor relations.

Essay on Autism

Autism is a relatively new notion in our public knowledge and scientific literature. The majority of the specialists consider autism to be a disease and a lot of qualitative and quantitative researches were done in order to understand the nature and causes of this problem. While medicine and psychology are trying to treat autism, other sciences try to look at this state from completely different angle.

The contradiction and variance in opinions and views on autism went so far as too create bi-polar position in the scientific world, where one side claims that autism is an abnormal deviation from “normality” and another side is trying to gather and provide evidence in favor of unusual and extraordinary nature of autism. Up to now none of the sides managed to convince the society and people who are directly involved in relations with autistic cases. What is already proven by the empirical data is that autism has strong genetic roots that, in practice, mean that in future we will, probably, evidence more and more cases of this occurrence.

Essay on Academic

Writing successful academic paper is not an easy task and each of us, who ever had to face this assignment, understands what I mean. There is no definite way to make your piece of writing an outstanding work, as well as it is not possible to derive the standard formula of the academic writing that will satisfy all types of professor and meet the requirements of all the subjects. That said, none of the guides on academic writing will be able to teach anyone how to write an essay, dissertation or term paper. What they can do is provide the reader with the logic line and direction, in which this document should be written.

Good guide on academic writing will introduce the reader to the basic mistakes that are made by students in regards to the style, grammar and content of their work. Again, the guidelines will not dictate the rules, but will highlight some of examples of how individual perception in the objective academic writing can create wrong or even negative impression about capabilities and knowledge of the student. In contrast, complete guides will be able to provide examples of the works that are considered as a high class essay by the majority of people who read it.

Five Paragraph Essay on To Kill a Mockingbird

Harper Lee together with Margaret Mitchell and Jerome David Salinger belong to the American writers best known for only one of their books or, as in the case of Lee, those who have actually wrote only one book that immediately brought them widespread popularity, but did not evolve into an ongoing writing career.

To Kill a Mockingbird was published in 1960 and immediately won critical acclaim. Although the opinions of the critics ranged wildly, the major opinion was that the book is something genuinely new in the field of American literature, for it touched upon a number of issues that were not all that popular at the time: the partiality of the law, the inequality of people and, most notably, of the representatives of different races, gender roles, and so on.

Western Civilization Essay

Although nowadays it is fashionable to speak about the equality of all the nations, civilizations and ways of development or even of the inferiority of the Western Civilization in what concerns its relations with other cultures, for example, the Chinese one, to my mind, these opinions are based on either lack of knowledge on the subject or some kind of intellectual masochism that modern decadent Westerners seem to be so keen on displaying.

Western civilization is based on a number of features that have been present in this or that culture for about two thousand years by now, becoming more and more distinctly expressed each time they were inherited by a new civilization. They defined the Greek civilizations that has emerged in the first millennium BC, then were transferred to the Romans who in turn brought this way of thinking across the territory of modern Europe, which many nations accepted and went on carrying it. It characterized many countries of medieval and Renaissance Europe, specifically England, and was finally transferred to the United States of America, making it one of its most prominent heirs.

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