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Samples and Examples of any Papers - Page 18

Psychological Aspects of Anger Management

Anger is one of the basic emotions and all of us experience it in certain situations. From an evolutionary perspective, anger has been given to people in order to survive. If something negative happens in a person’s life, it usually irritates him. Anger is a normal reaction in such situations. It helps to resist them and facilitates their solution. It always helps to prove one’s point or to say “no” when it is necessary. Anger is considered as an irritation of secondary or higher degree. Unfortunately, it can result in rage, or even violence. Everything depends on the person, situation and the ability to control negative feelings.

Initially, this emotion was not considered as negative. But today it is one of the most frowned upon emotions in society. We are forced to avoid any manifestation of anger. As a result, the problem often remains unsolved. In fact, anger is a very positive feeling.

Review of “A Beautiful Mind” Oscar-Winning Modern Classic Drama

Beautiful Mind is a biographical movie about John Forbes Nash junior, mathematical genius with hard fate. At the beginning of his career he has made enormous contribution in the field of Game Theory, which was a revolution in this mathematical area and almost brought international fame to the author. The movie was filmed in 2001 by Ron Howard and today it is called modern classics: a true drama, making you think and evoking emotions.

Such movies, telling us about the life of a famous person, are always difficult to assess, because any such creations somehow pretend to be biographical ones. But in fact they are just a glance of one particular producer on the life of another individual. Of course, much depends on the actor who will perform the role of the protagonist and after watching Beautiful Mind I will agree with this once again.

Essay on Reading

I cannot say that I love reading, but I undoubtedly enjoy it, depending on the mood I am in. It is not a secret that statistics is “showing scaring figures” about the downgrading trend of reading preference in many developed countries. I agree with the numbers, but believe that the definition “scary” is given to it either by mistake or due to incomplete and not evaluated information.

In the modern world young population has a lot of opportunities that our parents and especially our grandparents could not even dream about. Information and knowledge about the world, philosophy and development was limited by the means that were available for people to transfer and share it. In this situation books and other reading sources played major role in the development of social and individual knowledge.

Essay on Philosophical Method

Philosophy is a science and even though numerical and empirical methods in regards to the research and analysis of the subject of philosophical experiments are not always effective, as any other science it always requires structure and methods that would help to get arguments and supportive data as well as make conclusions.

There are several common factors of all the philosophical methods known up to know. All of them include hypothesis stating, formulation of primary research questions and limiting the scope of the analysis, research on previous related studies and analysis of the new data. Due to the liquidity of subjects that are covered by philosophical analysis, all the developed methodologies require critical thinking and counter or alternative hypothesis to be tested against.

Essay on Modern Education

In the modern world education is not just a requirement and moral value, but also an expensive market product. One of the major characteristics of modern education is the directly proportional relationship between the age of educational institution and its value. While other market products value innovation and complete change and modernization of the portfolio, education values proposition based on the conservative and tested system that is checked and evaluated through years. Thus, when we talk about modern education, we assume combination of technological developments and conservatives of old and traditional educational institutions.

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