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Prince of Persia Movie Review

The protagonist of the film “Prince of Persia”, Dustan (Jake Gyllenhaal), loses the power over his kingdom because of numerous machinations, despite the fact that he used to win all the battles before. Now he is to regain the throne and steal artifact from a mighty villain. The desired artifact is famous for its ability to turn time back. “Prince of Persia” is distinguished by jaw-dropping special effects, perfect stunts and participation of Jake Gyllenhaal.

King Sharaman met a very brave boy at the Persian market. His name was Dustan. The king was surprised by the boy’s skills and bravery. Thus, he decided to take Dustan to his family. The boy grew up and took part in military campaigns along with his brothers. Their route passed through the holy city of Alamut, which, according to secret denunciations, was supplying weapons to enemies of king Sharaman. The army conquered the city, but found no workshops for weapons manufacturing. During the conquest of the city, Dustan accidentally got a strange dagger and left it as a souvenir for himself.

During celebrations, dedicated to the victory, the king wore a poisoned robe, presented to him by Dustan (which had come to him from his brother Tas). King Sharaman dies. Everybody concludes that it was Dustan who killed his father. The prince had nothing to do but leave the palace together with a princess of Alamut, named Tamina. The princess was known for her extreme beauty. During the exile, the prince learns about the power of the dagger he possesses. Thus, he decides to change the story and prevent the death of his father.

Great scenes of fights and chases are diluted with romance and humor. Surely, “Prince of Persia” is a film that well worth watching!

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