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Legion Movie Review

Legion is a movie by Scott Charles Stewart, which appeared in the cinemas all around the world in January, 2010. According to the IMDB, the movie got rating of 5 (out of 10), which means an average result. Still, let us consider it in details.

The film is not an ordinary one for today’s cinematograph. First of all, you will not see any top famous actors and actresses in the cast. Then, there are no much graphical effects in this movie. Nevertheless, it is not as important as the story itself and what creators wanted to say to the audience. Legion gives you a reason to think about the world you live in and your role in it. It shows the life as it is – with all the events happening around to each one of us. The story is about choice and the fact that everyone has to make it. You will never be 100% sure what is right and what is wrong – no one knows where the truth is, because there is actually no truth.

This movie has soul and meaning, which is far more important than computer special effects and animation. Dark atmosphere and soundtracks let you immerse yourself in the situation.

Of course, as any reality in our lives, the film has its weak sides. Not every viewer will understand the meaning, and someone may consider the dialogues in the movie too boring. The movie’s director was trying to discuss very deep and serious topics, but in fact, he didn’t succeed to do it in a clear way.

Actors coped with their roles, did everything naturally. This movie will not probably get an Oscar or other award, but it will make you think and will somehow change you inside. Tastes and opinions differ, but to watch this movie or not is fully up to you to decide.

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