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12 Monkeys Movie Review

Descriptive Review of “12 Monkeys”

Twelve Monkeys was filmed by Terry Gilliam in 1995 and has already become a must-see for every cinema-goer. The movie got high ratings from IMDB (8,1) and deserved a lot of attention from movie critics. Below we will consider the movie in more details.

It seems there is nothing that can unite these people: a mad man, who is speaking very true things about life, claiming that he is normal; a female psychiatrist, who strongly believes in medicine, together with reality and fantasies of the sick patient, even if he is healthy; offender from the future who does not understand where he is, when he is living, and why he does what he does?

Twelve Monkeys is not a movie about human-like apes, as many people think when they first hear the name of this movie. It is about something more serious, something that you can’t just take and describe easily.

Almost every movie has its pre-history, which guides viewers in the world, described in the movie. In this case pre-history is identical to the continuation of main hero’s story.

The events of this film are linked to each other (literally). You clearly understand what would change if something had happened differently. If everything remains the same and the events flow in the given direction, it could not happen the other way. Everything will be as it has to be.

This movie has a lot of moments, which make you think, believe and sympathize, for instance, it is a brilliant speech of the madman. If you think a little, you will see that he is not that crazy, but genius indeed. The protagonist, who is trying not only to do the task, but also to understand himself, eventually, convinces himself that he is crazy. The best part of the movie is...

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