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The Simpsons Essay

Does anyone know the Simpsons? If you ask this question in the class of ten-year-old children, there will be no negative answers. The Simpsons is the generation and the characters that these kids will, for better or worse, bring with them to their adulthood. In spite of the fact that Simpsons is an American animated series and reflects American style and way of living, it does not limit its popularity only to the US. The reason probably lies in good advertisement campaign, but, maybe due to the fact that it to smaller or greater extent could be applied to the majority of the social communities. Bart, Lisa and Maggie, some of the main characters of the series make the realities, sometimes unfortunate, a lot of fun. And by showing people how to laugh at themselves, they attract more and more audience.

The Simpsons was the first animated series that was ranked as top thirty highest ranked shows in the US. The success of the series was brought by the combination of intelligent humour and focus on the daily life episodes that so much reflect the nature of our day-to-day life. The Simpsons does not go deep into religious aspects of average American society, but it does cover a wide spectrum of society. The series satirize and sometimes even ridicule the political and economic elements and views of the American people.

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Why do we like Simpsons? Because we can recognize ourselves in them and the series shows us how simple and funny we can be. There are numerous of idiomatic expressions that have derived from this cartoon and it is, by itself, the best rating for the Simpsons.

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