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The House on Mango Street Analysis Essay

The House of Mango Street is one of the most popular novels written by Mexican author Sandra Cisneros. Published first in 1984, it still remains very up to date, translated to all the major languages and attracts readers from all over the globe. The novel discloses the ugliest elements of the Chicago life on the example of the young girl with Latin origins that dreams of running away from the ghetto, where she grew up, surrounded by terrifying realities of poor and low class people that have to spend their days not just living, but surviving with constant fight against each other and wealth of the “upper” world.

The author introduces the main character not through the set of actions, but through the pieces of writing that Esperanza, main character, creates as a way to express herself and her attitude towards the reality. One of the most emotional and strong elements of the book is the mirror reality of the life in ghetto, expressed through memories and perception of the girl that is desperate to escape the suffocating influence of her social community.

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The book narrates the story, where ethical values are far not the most important attribute of people’s relationships and describe the sexual abuse and emotional disorders of those who live in poverty. The novel is not an easy reading and would not leave anyone unemotional. It raises almost prohibited or at least non-welcome questions of the society and expose it for the judgement of the reader, whether she want it or not. Rebellious and shouting, this book is definitely a remarkable novel of the twentieth century.

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