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Summer vacation essay

Summer Vacation

Summer vacation is the busiest time for tourist agencies and travel agents. A lot of people try to plan their year to spend summer vacationsg> in some resorts to enjoy the sun and sea. This season is especially popular for the families with children of school age, as it is simultaneous with summer holidays. For travel business it means a lot of job, but also lots of profit.

It is impressive to see how companies learned buyer’s behavior and are enhancing their capabilities more and more according to their customers’ demands. You can see early purchase or last minute deals that attract your attention on all the travel agencies web sites and advertisements. Why do they do that? First of all, early purchase is done because the earlier the agency makes you think about your vacation, the better they can utilize their performance and the more cash they can generate. Second, last minute deals are very straightforward – the risk of late purchases and costs are reduced if you manage to at least cover your fixed costs, such as hotel booking and airplane tickets. Summer vacation is full of offers on the market in spite of the fact that the seasonal demand is usually over-flooded with offers from various agencies.

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