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Persuasive essay on single parent families

Children Devoid of Full-Fledged Care

The problem of single parenting is becoming more severe as the society is experiencing significant shift in values and attitudes towards marriage and parents’ relations. While there are numerous factors that affect children development and foundation of their individual values and behavioral patterns, family plays the major role in this personal growth. When family relations are not stable or when the child is brought up in a single-parent family, he is devoid of the full-fledged care. This care is crucial for development of strong and balanced personality and very often we can see that people, who grew up in such families, have very defined and exaggerated qualities, especially in regards to defensive and feeling elements of their personality.

A lot of researches and studies have been done to determine the relation between criminal or bad (antisocial) behavior of individuals and single-parent families. It is, probably, easy to agree that dysfunctional families, of which single-parent family serves an example, definitely contribute to development of some characteristics of behavior and thinking that are different from children from functional families. It is not proved and, probably, fundamentally wrong to assume that children from single-parent families misbehave more often than any other children. In many cases, these kids receive adequate care and attention from the parent and relatives and the situation does not impact their personality in a bad way. On the contrary, in single-parent families, children, especially boys, tend to express more affection and control, sharing the responsibilities and being closer to their parent.

In today’s world, single parent is…

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