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A Raisin in the Sun Summary Essay

“A Raisin in the Sun” debuted on Broadway in 1959. The play’s author Lorraine Hansberry is the first black woman, whose play was staged at Broadway. The director of this production was also the first black man on this position.

The play “A Raisin in the Sun” tells the story of the African-American family Youngers, who suddenly get an insurance check for $10,000 after the Mr Younger’s decease. Each family member has his/her own idea about how to handle the money. Mom wants to invest in buying a house. The eldest son, Walter, wants to invest them in a liquor store in partnership with his friends, which, he believes, will once and for all solve the financial problems of the family. Tthe eldest daughter, Beneatha, is going to spend money on medical education. In addition, she does not share the desire of the family to reach the world of white people, giving her preference to Africa.

The play was well beaten clash of competing desires of family members. Made a down payment on a house for the whole family at $ 3500, mother believes that a large and beautiful home will be the best bulwark for their entire family. Walter gets the remaining money, on condition that part of the sum of $ 3000 he put in a savings account for future medical education of Beneatha, and the remaining sum of $ 3500 he spent at his discretion. The neighborhood, in which the family plans to buy a house, is the area of white people, who, having found out that a black family is planning to resettle in their quarter, strive to prevent this by all means.

The Youngers family was offered some monetary compensation in order to change their decision to relocate to the area. They refuse to deal, even though the losses, incurred by the family, betrayed by Walter’s partner, persuaded to invest in a wine shop and fled with the entire sum. Beneatha breaks the relationship with her wealthy fiance, as she considers him blind to the problems of race. Shortly thereafter, she is betrothed with her college friend, planning to obtain a medical education and to move with him to Africa.

Future of the family is uncertain, but it does not…

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