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Anorexia is a cause of weight loss essay

Concept of Anorexia

Anorexia is a well known eating disorder that is caused by the refusal of an individual to consume food. It can happen for many reasons and major ones of them are stress and depression. In this case, anorexia is a consequence and should be treated from both aspects – mental and physical. In this essay I would like to consider anorexia, caused by the mental problem when individual considers him or herself overweight and is afraid to eat, as he thinks that it will only worsen his state. Anorexia is usually treated with a special diet.

Eating disorder has significant effect on the behavior and mental attitudes of people suffering from it. According to the statistics of the international health association, anorexia is developed in the majority of cases among people between fourteen and eighteen years old. Scientists explain this fact by several implications. First of all, teenagers do not have control over their lives and try generally to go through numerous changes in emotional and physical sense. These changes are very often caused by their internal interpretation of external reality and reaction of people around them on their appearance and behavior.

With these elements constantly influencing their decisions and life perception, teenagers and other age groups start controlling their body as a means of controlling their life and when this theory does not give any effect, they, rather than stop and think of possible alternatives, try to even further deepen this control. As a result, body takes control over mind and people fall into depression or stress that causes anorexia in a way medicine knows and interprets it today.

Anorexia is a disease that…

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