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Essay Samples - Samples and Examples of any Papers - Page 21

Everlasting Talent of William Shakespeare

Who was William Shakespeare? Was he an ordinary man with a splendent talent or was he a genius? Why was he so popular and why does he still popular today? It is difficult to judge, we can hardly answer these questions, and I think that we can only guess…

William Shakespeare is a world-known poet and playwright. Someone said that “Shakespeare was not of an age, but for all time”. Many centuries later these words still ring true. Shakespeare’s surviving works include 38 plays, 154 sonnets and several other poems. Among the most famous Shakespeare’s works I can name “Romeo and Juliet”, “Macbeth”, “Othello”, “Twelfth Night” and many others. I want to admit that we all know a great deal about his creative work but know almost nothing about his life and his personality. Some people confirm that the Cobbe portrait is the only authentic portrait of Shakespeare made during his lifetime, and this portrait is considered to be the only original image from which Bard have copied modern iconic portrait of the great playwright.

Terrorism: Can We Avoid Living Under a Constant Threat?

A number of countries have been subjected to a series of horrifying terrorist attacks over the past few years. The scenes of the tragedy on September, 11 in the USA and the recent explosions in Moscow metro on March, 29 will stick in the memory of the international community for years to come. Such outrageous crimes against humanity are unpredictable and take away thousands of lives every year. Is there a way to avert this danger?

Many people believe that security measures should be more severe when facing such atrocious events. If the conspiracy is revealed before the plotters put it into practice, it will save a huge number of innocent people. One more way to tackle the problem is to unite the efforts of people from different countries in the struggle against terrorism. The exchange of information and sharing resources could greatly facilitate the processes of search and capture of the criminals.

Perceptions and Interpretations of Success

Definition of success is a personal issue which is different for different people. In general, success is the accomplishment of the task you aim at. One can write an essay and consider it to be an unprecedented case; another one treats writing a book or dissertation as a success.

Happiness and success stand close together. Let us define success as attaining something you want or, in other words, reaching the goals you have set. But if the goals have been set by somebody else and you are to achieve them, it will definitely make you successful. But it will not make you happy. Ideal situation is surely when success and happiness are combined and you reach the goals you have set by yourself.

We need to draw a line between success in mind and success in the society, as perceptions of success differ depending on interpretation.

Smoking and Style of Life

The percentage of smokers all over the world is radically reduced during the last five years. Advertisement and results of scientific researches on smoking have played their role. However, each fifth person in the world is a smoker.

Any smoker is informed that smoking is dangerous and harmful not only for smoker himself but also for surrounding non-smokers. Affects of tobacco smoking on human body were under steadfast researches for many years. Results are more than impressive.

Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) examined impact of tobacco smoking on the developing of atherosclerosis and concluded that arteries of smokers are thickening 30% faster than that of non-smokers: this leads to premature aging. Smoking increases the risk to die from obstructive bronchitis or emphysema by five times and the risk of stroke by 50 %.

Sport as a Lifestyle

As the saying goes, “Sound mind in a sound body”! If you practice various kinds of sports you care about your physical and mental condition.

If I start to tell you about my favorite kinds of sports you may consider me to be a strange girl. The point is that one of my favorite sports is soccer. Even when I was a child I could not but watched football matches on TV. Then I grew older and became fond of this game. Initially, I was attracted by the magic of ball in the air. A little later I began to think seriously that I like soccer and want to improve my skills in it.

Perhaps the reason is that the soccer is a very mobile game that involves not just one person but a whole team. Thus the victory of the team depends on the game of all players. Moreover, soccer tempers health, fosters freedom, camaraderie and helps to become resilient and strong.

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