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Essay Samples - Samples and Examples of any Papers - Page 19

Essay on Liberty

Dictionaries give different definitions of freedom, but all of them are common in the fact that it is the right of people to behave as they want without harming other people. But the main thing is how we interpret this concept. For some individuals liberty means just to have no engagements or simply circulate freely. For others liberty is the ability to exist without being coerced or forced to do something they don’t want.

In my opinion, we have to make a start from the concept that the liberty is the respect for individual rights and thoughts, as well as understanding that all forms of aggression are unacceptable. So, as long as a free human being doesn’t commit any form of aggression (physical or mental) on another person, he or she could feel free to live his or her life as they please.

Essay on Europe

Usually, when you hear a title of somebody’s essay, which includes the word Europe, you’re immediately getting ready to take a nap, as you are sure that the focus will be on typical things concerning this part of the world: political situation, geographical aspect, climatic condition, etc. Once I was assigned this topic, I made up my mind not to write about the well-known boring things, but pay my attention to much more interesting field – tourism. Thanks to this sphere Europe can turn into a real paradise on Earth for the people of all ages!

This part of our common home – Earth – is huge and the varieties of beauty sights make one feel giddy. That is why I’ll pay attention to the places I’ve always dreamt to go to.

Essay on Easter

Easter is one of the main events of the year for the Orthodox Christians and the most important Orthodox holiday. The word “Easter” comes from Greek and means “deliverance”. On this Holy Day we celebrate the deliverance of all mankind from the devil’s bondage through the sacrifice of Christ the Savior and the gift of eternal life and bliss. That is the fundamental sense of the Orthodox religion – God Himself became a man, died for us, and His resurrection redeemed people from the power of death and sin.

The Orthodox Church celebrates Easter for more than two thousand years. The apostles of Christ revealed its sense to others and passed the tradition of celebrating to their disciples. So, from generation to generation, the tradition of the Easter celebrations has reached us and spread throughout the world.

Essay on Dream

Don’t be pushed by your problems. Be led by your dreams…

Since the beginning of time, the mankind has been trying to understand different functions of the human organism: how we move, talk and act. For the most part many of these physiological behaviors have already been explained on some level. However, one area of the human nature, that has had researchers and scientists confused for a long time, is the human’s mind. Many things happening inside our heads seem not to make any sense, and so far have no tangible explanation of why they occur and how. One of the most fascinating and mysterious sections of psychology is that of dreaming.

Essay on Canada

Canada is a thirty four million population country and an extremely interesting place to visit for all types of tourists, including those who are looking for cultural, sport and adventurous vacations. Canada is the second largest country in the world and from geographical perspective represents a great variety of landscapes, national parks and historical sites. The country is much diversified in terms of its population and the culture is enriched by two national languages, English and French. When you start reading about this country, what it is offering to its visitors will not leave you indifferent.

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