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Essay Samples - Samples and Examples of any Papers - Page 14

I’d Like to Invent This

We live in time when new technologies and inventions appear almost every day. Our grandparents and even parents could not imagine that these changes would happen in reality, but not in fantastic novels. We cannot realize our world without many of them (just think about living without Internet). Today we can dream of such unreal things as flights to other planets, human and animal cloning, growing organs of our bodies, telepathy, teleportation, etc. and it is not fantasy, as everything we need is time and improving existing technologies.

If I had a chance, I would invent a time machine. The trilogy “Back to the future” was the beginning of this idea. But my time machine should have a shape of a big balloon or a sphere, inside which you could stand and travel to the past or to the future. Being inside it you could see, watch, hear everything and everybody, because the sides of the machine are crystal and clear for you, but at the same time the sphere with you inside must be invisible for the environment and you can influence on nothing.

If I Could be Somebody Else for a Day

When I feel too lazy to do my homework, I think about one of those career-guidance days we had in my high school. You know, when all kinds of professionals come to explain you what they do. Our task was to imagine ourselves doing this or that job for one day and to see which one we would like better. That seems to be easy and fun to do, until you actually imagine yourself being somebody else.

So, here I go. What if I were that lady with glasses, wearing an expensive business suite – the newspaper editor. I would control most of the information the citizens of out town are receiving. I could to that. Not for long, though – I wouldn’t handle the responsibility.

When I Got Lost

Once upon a time there was a confident boy who always gave the same reply to the same question about who he wants to be in future. He was confident that his life assignment is to be a military person and serve to the good and benefit of his motherland. The time of choice has come and he entered the military university to make the first step towards his dream and his destiny. Everything was according to plan and everyone supported his decision. There was one single problem – he realized that he was not happy. When this understanding came to him, he was completely lost. It is frustrating and destructive to realize that your dream does not make you feel like the dream should.

Young man was trying to convince himself that he was wrong and then the reason was somewhere else, but all in vain. On a regular day he woke up as usual, took his katana and went for karate class. He learned the basics of Japanese through self-studying and was extremely interested in the Japanese culture. Unfortunately, military classes took all his time and he could not dedicate time to his hobbies.

Patriotism Essay

“How do I see my country and what am I ready to do and give up for it”? It is the question that each of us should ask ourselves at some point of time. School education in the majority of countries tries to ingrain the feeling of patriotism to us. We learn how to love and respect our motherland and be proud of the achievements that our history keeps and passes to new generations.

Patriotism is, undoubtedly, important and society should bring this feeling to each of us from early childhood. I also believe that patriotism starts with the love to the family and one can bring the most to its country by being able to protect, respect and value family and relationships that can be build in it. A lot of poets and writers have chosen patriotism as the topic subject of their art and works and we can learn from them a lot. This literature makes the concept of patriotism unique and consistent throughout the years and centuries. It is one of the feelings that did not evolve a lot in spite of all the changes that have been happening with humanity throughout the history.

If I Could Go Back in Time

I’m definitely sure that everyone at least once in his or her life thought: “If I could go back in time, I would…”. All of us have something in our past that we want to change: some people regret about mistakes they’ve done, others about things they wanted to do, but didn’t resolve to. Human beings regret about words they said, about hasty actions and conclusions, about lack of courage or persistence, etc.

Personally I regret that I’ve quarreled with a loyal friend of mine nearly half a year ago and we still do not communicate. Sometimes I feel that I need her, I need this person, who always listened to my endless stories, who could understand me even without words and who was always eager to lend me a hand, but I still do not have enough courage to call her… If I could go back in time, I would behave in another way and we still would be the best friends.

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