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Essay Samples - Samples and Examples of any Papers - Page 10

Definition Essay on Marriage

Marriage is traditionally seen as a union of two loving hearts. Two people make a decision to marry and further become one family. The bride and the groom exchange rings as a symbol of eternal love and fidelity. Marriage is not always celebrated, but that day will always remain in the memory of people, warming their hearts and improving their mood. Marriage and wedding are similar definitions in many modern countries – that is why they are often used in similar cases as synonyms.

After you get married, one important celebration is added to the calendar of your yearly events – wedding anniversary. A lot of couples celebrate it every year, others prefer to hold celebrations once in five years (e.g. 5th, 10th, 15th, etc.).

Definition Essay on Family and Responsibility

What is family? What features does family possess? What role does family play in society? People have different answers to these questions, as they understand the concept of family differently. Many sciences such as sociology, psychology, pedagogy, demography dedicate a lot of their attention to families, their origin and essence.

Let us give our definition of family. It is not only a “stamp in a passport”. If we take it for an initial characteristic, it would bring us nowhere, as from this aspect if there is no stamp in your passport, but you have lived together for many years and have children, you will not be considered as a family. But it is not right, of course.

Definitoin Essay about Friendship

People understand the concept of friendship differently, but there is one common ground for it – it is always built on a mutual sympathy. In some cases it is transient and finds its end eventually, while in other cases it may last for many years and grow stronger every year. True friendship is built on trust and mutual support. Your real friend will always find time to talk and try to find solutions to the hard situations you face every day. He is always there to help you and expects the same from you. Friends are psychologically comfortable with each other, and sometimes are emotionally closer than with their relatives.

You never know when you will meet a friend – you may have common interests, work or study in one field, or go through the hard situation, which will unite you. Women are scientifically proven to seek support and sympathy in their friendship (due to higher emotionality of all females), while men find friends with common interests and whom they may trust.

Compare and Contrast Essay: Cat or Dog?

When the think comes to choose a pet, there is a lot to be taken into account. Let us consider some peculiarities of the both animals.

It is necessary to notice that dogs never play alone. If a dog is alone, it is always serious, looks around, sleeps, tries to find some food or gnaws something (your shoe, for instance). When dog stays alone, it will never chase its stern, rush about meadow or push the rock by its nose. It needs a partner viewer or some participator for all of this.

Dog’s game is furious demonstration of joyful feeling of comradeship. Everyone knows that dogs fawn when they meet familiar people or other dogs. The same way it can play only in the case if there is somebody to play with or just to observe it. In short, each dog needs presence of stimulating contact with another player for playing.

Diary of Anne Frank

More than 6 million of Jews became victims of the Second World War. Imperceptible young girl from Amsterdam was among these unhappy and doomed people. Her name was Anne Frank. She was arrested in August 1944 in Holland. After she was taken away, friends of the Frank family found her diary, where she described her life. Anne Frank revealed the true face of Nazi occupation in it. Friends of Anne gave it to her father Otto Frank, who was the only family member who survived. The diary was published in 1947 in Europe. Afterwards it was released in the USA and became an international bestseller. As of today the book “Diary of Anne Frank” is translated into thirty-two foreign languages.

Anne Frank was born in a liberal Jewish family in June 1929 in Germany, Frankfurt am Main. Franks did not keep to the Jewish traditions and little Anne grew up with the children of Catholic and Protestant families.

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