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Persuasive essay on media violence has a negative effect

Negative Effect of Media Violence

Media is a powerful instrument of control, which influences the people’s behavior and is perfect in creating the so called “crowd thinking”. This term was created to define the way mass media sources influence behavior, mentality and tastes on conceptual level. For example, how many of us buy some product in shops just because you have seen it being advertised on TV or radio? Or how many times have your behavior been influenced by news or TV show?

A lot of marketing and social studies dedicated time and effort to analyze the extent to which media impacts our perception of the reality. The results of these studies have shown that people tend to prefer products that they have seen in mass media and tend to believe and generalize information that they were exposed to through media sources. This impact has inertly strong effect with the age of the population being constantly increasing. In fact, children are much more vulnerable to the violence on media than their parents.

Media has very strong influence on our life and it can bring both benefits and negative effects on the population. With such a strong mechanism in their hands, private media companies as well as governmental institutions should…

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