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Macbeth Essay

The Tragedy of Macbeth is another piece of art presented to the readers by the genius of William Shakespeare. Macbeth is the shortest Tragedy ever written by Shakespeare, but in spite of its length, author managed to fill the tragedy with a river of emotions and philosophical findings. It is a common belief that the inspiration for the Macbeth Shakespeare was getting from Macbeth, the King of Scotland and Duncan, parts of the England history that Shakespeare touched upon in his tragedy.

It is written in five acts and starts with the prediction of the tragedy that from the very beginning creates interest and mystery in the tragedy. Macbeth is full of turns and greatest comparison. The entire tragedy is built around regicide and very picturesque in showing the relationship and transformation of good will into evil. One of the central discussions and main question that is widely covered in critic’s reviews of the play is the tragedy as a nature of character. Critics try to analyse Macbeth ambitions and a dominant nature of his character. Another ethical aspect of the play looks at the nature of moral order, it is reflected in the play in the form of murder and a reference to the great chain of being that Shakespeare is showing to his reader.

Shakespeare is bringing lights and thunder into the play to highlight the poetic tragedy and involve the spectator to the mood and nature of events, described in the first scene. With the combination of mystery and real weaknesses of characters of the play Shakespeare shows the relation between conscious and unconscious factors, external and internal influences and evil nature of the human beings. Tremendous composition of all these elements in the tragedy makes this piece of writing one of the legendary and the biggest masterpieces in the history.

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