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Hero Essay

What makes a hero? Why do we set the standards and labelling some people as cowards and the others as heroes? When I pronounce the word hero, there are numerous pictures that come to my mind: legendary heroes, fighting with monsters for their land, war heroes back in the beginning of the twentieth century fighting for their countries, or sportsmen winning gold medals at the Olympic Games. Recently I have added to this word another association – movie “Heroes”, another picture of the hero as a human being with abnormal talents that are used to save the world. They are so different, but are all called heroes. So what is the definition of a hero? What I ask you is: “What should I do to become a hero”?

Should I become a Hercules and repeat all of his acts of bravery, or should I put all the efforts to the sports to bring a gold medal to my country? Or maybe the evolutionary process will require both? It is impossible to answer this question, but one thing is obvious: Heroes are those who are different from us and bring to humanity something positive with the help of their unique abilities. The world is constantly changing and becomes more and more difficult to bring something new to it. Maybe “Heroes” with their supernatural capabilities is the requirement of the modern society and the only way to surprise us.

When I look at the history and try to see the evolution of relationships between individual people, communities or even nations, the pace in which we adopt to the realities and the speed, with which we are able to forget what we are proud of and what we value in heroes, is even scary.

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