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A Good Man is Hard to Find Summary Essay

Flannery O’Connor‘s short story “A Good Man Is Hard To Find” was written in 1953 and became a part of the short stories book with the same name. The central protagonist of this story is a family’s presumably religious grandmother, whose name, unlike the other characters, the author does not mention. The family, together with grandmother, travels to Florida, which makes grandma angry, as she wanted to go to Tennessee.

During a stopover for lunch, in a conversation with Red Sammy, an owner of the tavern, she discusses the recently escaped prisoner, called “The Misfit”, concluding together with Red Sammy that a good man at nowadays is hard to find. Hiding her name, the author from the beginning of the story reveals the selfish grandma’s nature, seeking to manipulate others to fulfill her desires.

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During the further travel, the grandma skillfully drew the children to her side, telling them about the house with underground passages, and together they persuaded the driver – her son, Bailey, to turn onto dirt road. Finally, upon the fault of grandmother, disturbing the cat, which in turn drew the driver, they had an accident, after which she simulates an injury to gain sympathy.

Instead of helping, the family encounters a gang of criminals, whose ringleader was identified by the grandma as Misfit, which results in that he orders his gang to kill everybody. The grandmother pleads to keep her alive and after he declined her asking, she recalls Jesus. That irritates the Misfit, who says that since there is no physical evidence of the existence of Christ, the legitimacy of Christianity is highly questionable and he would not worship a figure that does not exist, nor does he want to please God, even if he exists.

Then, the grandmother is trying to touch the…

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