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Essay on Theatre

Essay on Theatre

I travel a lot. Perhaps, I travel even too much. When you reach the point that nothing, or at least a lot of things that would normally impress any traveler, start to become obvious and common for you, you stop valuing a lot of presents that life gives to you. While architecture and entertainment, as well as business environment in the countries at some point of time stop interest you, culture is always dynamic and extremely interesting. For that reason, I always find time for studying cultural life and try to explore theatres and music halls in the countries and cities I visit. I have already been to London, Sydney and Rome, I watched performances in Moscow and Tokyo, and all of the theatres I have been to are unique and full of history.

I was hunting for an opportunity to go to the spectacles in Rome for a long time, but every time when I was in the city, I could not find a free evening to spend in theatre. When I finally came there with some free time in my schedule, I was invited to the theatre Manzoni. I still remember that performance. It was full of emotions and colors, the audience was participating in all the scenes and performance itself was outstanding. It was one of the best cultural experiences I have ever had in my life.

After this experience I became a real lover of the Italian theatre and went to at least thirty various performances of Italian troops all over the world as well as came back to teatro Dell’ Opera and teatro Anfitrione. For those who value theatre and would like to explore this cultural part in the history, Rome is the perfect place to go to.

Theatre is a mirror of…

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