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Essay on The Crucible and Salem Witchcraft Trial

For those who are familiar with the Salem Witchcraft Trials, when prosecution of people who were accused of witchcraft in the medieval times took place, the name of Crucible will not come as a surprise. “Crucible” is a dramatization of the Salem Witchcraft Trials, written by Arthur Miller back in the mid twentieth century. The play was written during the time when the US government started white propaganda against the communist countries. The play was successful from its first days of life on the New York stage and was received the Best Play of the Year award in 1953.

“Crucible” was considered as an allegory to the system of those days. In spite of the fact that the author was trying to express the paradigms of his time, the unique capability of this play is its transformable philosophy that could dress in its analysis political and social systems of all times. A lot of literators dedicated their works to analyze “Crucible” and there are still a lot of debates held on the philosophical concepts that Miller raised in his play. Those who have seen the play, leave the theatre with very different impressions. One thing can’t be doubted – the Crucible is extremely accessible and thought-provoking work that made Miller’s art leave in the history forever.

The question of manipulation with the law and justice and misinterpretation of the objective truth and common knowledge is the main topic of Miller’s discussion in the Crucible. The play is still alive and popular among the spectators in the US and around the word. Numerous debates and ethical issues as well as overall strength of the play make people come back and make new versions of this allegory and dramatization of the realities, written sixty years ago and popular today.

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