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Essay on Swine Flue

Swine Flu – New Unexpected Danger

Swine flu, or swine influenza, is the disease that hit the population of the earth and put people back to the reality, showing the strength of nature over the most developed technological solutions that, as was believed before, could prevent us from the influence of any viruses. The name of the virus comes from the fact that the disease is most commonly spread by pigs and is further transferred to people. Though it is not common that the virus is transferred to human beings in the form of swine flu, and in general people are able to develop antibodies to prevent the development of the influenza, the cases of the zoonotic swine flu have became very common in recent years.

The roots of the disease are going back to the beginning of the twentieth century, when swine influenza was first detected among pigs and people at the same time. It happened in 1918 and ten years later the same virus hit the population of pigs all over Europe. The cases of influenza were detected further in various isolated areas, but the disease was back to the human lives in the beginning of the twenty first century through series of epidemic cases, starting from India and Korea to Latin America and Europe. The situation was very serious and humanity again faced the disease that went beyond its control.

Main challenge and danger of the swine flu is its jumping and transformable nature. The technology and science had nothing to do but to apply retrospective and responsive policy in trying to develop vaccines that could prevent people from serious or fatal consequences of the disease. The cases of the swine influenza have proved that there are a lot of processes in the nature that are still not known to us and that evolution can bring not only progress and control over our lives, but give us particular challenges that science and humanity as a whole will have to cope with.

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