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Essay on Principles of Population

It is a common knowledge that it is important to keep the level of population in the countries on the acceptable level to be able to meet basic requirements for living and supplying each of the population members with food and other basic needs. Numerous theories were trying to determine the principles of population , but all of them, from my perspective, come to the simple truth – population management is in scientific way managing the capacity of our planet. With that in mind I believe that we can apply the principles of capacity and demand management to population.

Let us look at the designed capacity of the planet from the perspective of a) space; b) resources availability; and c) nature damage. These are the basic elements that should be taken into consideration when analyzing population density and other demographic factors. Based on them, scientists in the simulative environment could build the future designed capacity of the planet. Forecasts and prospects are never hundred percent correct, as they are majorly influenced by the factors like human preferences, natural and climate changes and other external factors that cannot be taken into account due to lack of information.

With that in mind it becomes obvious that design capacity will differ quite significantly from the actual one. Modern people have extremely mobile life due to the requirements of globalization. The choice as of where to live is impacted by professional opportunities, political and economic limitations set by the local authorities and, of course, preferences. One of the major principles of population is seasonality and unequal distribution of the population across various geographic areas.

Taking into consideration mobility of modern societies and individuals and globalization effects on population, modern principles have adopted several distinguishing characteristics that will differ from the logic of population even in previous generation. Principles of population are flexible and depend on many factors, weight of which will vary depending on the time, location and cultural and historical characteristics of the social group.

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