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Essay on Pride and Prejudice

Originally called First Impressions, the novel was the second one ever written by Jane Austen. It took the author twelve years to publish the novel and it was published only after significant revisions and corrections in the manuscript that she wrote in 1976. The novel saw the light in late 80’s under the name Pride and Prejudice, – the name so familiar and important for modern and classical literature.

In spite of the fact that the story takes place back in the nineteenth century, the concepts and values that Austin touched upon in her piece of writing still charm and challenge modern readers. As the name of the book says for itself, the values of pride and prejudice have always been and will always remain fundamental aspects of human personality.

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The situation that is described in the novel is very common for the family relationships in the nineteenth century, when human rights were very much driven by patriarchate constitution. With the forthcoming death of Mr.Bannet, the father of the family, his wife remained alone with five daughters with no access to income or place to leave. To make the situation less dramatic, Mrs.Bannet is trying to find husbands for her daughters, but does not get any support from her husband. This main plot goes in parallel with the relationships elements between young sisters and a new comer in the town. The relationships are built around and disclose the conflict of social classes and styles of living as well as pride and prejudice that both Mr.Bingly and Jane, one of the sisters, have to go through.

With Pride and Prejudice Jane Austin painted wonderful and emotional picture of real and existing feelings and relationships in a simple, from the first glimpse, town. These relationships are transferred through the century and still seem familiar and similar to the way we see our environment and feel about each other.

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