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To Curb Poverty Growth is an Impossible Mission

Over the past few years gap between the rich and the poor has increased greatly and the number of people in need is still growing all over the world. Many people lay the blame of it on the global economic crisis and treat it as an inevitable process. However, such a pessimistic approach to the problem is dangerous. It raises inaction, while it is high time to analyse the causes and consider possible solutions.

It is a well-known fact that thousands of people were made redundant and virtually left without any means of subsistence when a multitude of enterprises went broke. One way to tackle the problem is to make sure it will not repeat in the future. Government could give more support to enterprises to help them stay afloat. Moreover, if retraining schemes were introduced, the employees would be able to get new knowledge and skills and look for a job in a different sphere.

Needless to say, developing countries were those most affected by economic slump. Therefore, they require more than ever all help that international organisations can provide, that is shelter, medical aid and provisions. However, even more effort should be made to educate people in those countries. We have to make them realize that education is a key to a happier future, as it can help you to get a job and make a decent living.

On the whole, there is a number of ways to solve the problem of poverty. But we should realize we are interdependent. If we turn a blind eye to the difficulties of our neighbours, the ensuing consequences will hit us like a boomerang.

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